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    Re: Transfer pictures from the LG Revere?


      How sad this conversation is even taking place?


      Are there clear, easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions for getting pictures taken on my phone to my computer?

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          If you have texting you can open a picture message to send and input your email address in the to field then attach the picture and send and it will show up at your email address.  Mary

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            Hate to tell you, but apparently the Revere is limited into how you can get your photos downloaded.  Seems the USB cable doesn't work that way with that phone.  There are several threads on this forum about it if you want to do a search; here's one:



            As noted in the post above, if you have a text package, probably the easiest way is to e-mail them to yourself.  The downside is that they have to be done one-by-one.


            Good luck!

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              Agree it is sad this discussion is needed. I followed the instructions listed in the initial discussion (that is now locked) that one poster provided, after downloading BitPim:

              Open BitPim,

              Highlight Edit for dropdown menu

              Under Settings, change phone to LG-VX5500.

              Highlight View for dropdown menu.

              Check "View Filesystem"

              Click Filesystem in left-hand column

              Click Folder in middle column

              Click 'Synched'

              Click My Pictures

              Right-click on desired photos

              Click 'Save'

              Above info was contributed by another poster and I also found it online: http://vn150help.blogspot.com/2011/10/transfer-media-from-lg-vn150-revere-to.html

              It worked, and I still use Windows XP,

              I do not have a data package, and was not/am not going to buy one.  Good luck.

              UPDATE: I tried to transfer a few more photos and was able to get as far as the Folder, but not to 'Synched'. Seems there was something else I had to do to get to 'Synched' that was not in any of the instructions; not even sure I recall what I did at the time, just clicked on something and then Synched came up.. As of now I am unable to transfer more photos; uninstalling/reinstalling BitPim did not make a difference.

              If anyone else reading figures out what step is missing, please post it here. Thanks.