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    usb modem or mifi?


      I wanna be able to have connection on my laptop when there is no wifi. i know about the usb modems. i read reviews for them, and i haven't seen 1 positive review. i then thought about getting a mifi/mobile hotspot. which is the best to get?

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          The modems they offer are all at least a year old now. And they all have issues. If I didn't have a modem built into my netbook I would use a hotspot. The newer 4620 is pretty good from what I've read so far. It can also be used as a USB modem as well as a Wi-Fi hot spot. I might get one anyway, as it is 4G LTE and my built-in is only 3G.


          Can't say I think much of these Share Everything plans, they are just awful. But that's another story.

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            I would get a hotspot if you need to tether an Ethernet only device in the house or have more than 5 devices you can get a CradlePoint Router or PepWave Surf Mini to get around the issues with the Hotspot 3gstore sells both routers and backs them up with free support...


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              I just purchased the 4620L hotspot last week, it works wonderfully. I highly recommend it. It even works as a tethered USB modem if you want to use it that way.

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                I would use a USB modem.  The new 4620L will not connect to certain websites.  Mostly websites that have an IP address starting with 208.  This has been a known issue for months with no resolution in "site" yet.

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                  John Getzke

                  If you only need to connect one device at a time then go with a USB modem.  That is what they are designed to do.


                  If you ever want to connect more than one device at one time then go with a MiFi.


                  As it was stated above no one device is perfect.  Each device has its own problems and limitations, the question is if you can work around them or not for your needs.  3G is 3G and LTE is LTE, it hardly matters which device you use to connect to them.