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    Is there a legit problem with the Galaxy S3, and if so, is Samsung working to fix it or not?


      I've heard people suggest there's a problem that Samsung is aware of, that they're rushing a fix; some people say Sep 1st, others say Oct 1st.  Other people say they've contacted Samsung and been denied that a problem exists.  Still some say it's definitely been confirmed and the fix is coming out in stages.  So it just sounds like one huge runaround.  Is there any truth to these rumors what-so-ever?  I want to see this get sorted out.  I'll patiently wait it out if I truly believe a fix is inbound.  If not, I need to think about cancelling my contract.


      The issue is my total lack of reception.  Can't make or receive calls from home / lots of drops when I *do* get a call to complete.