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    Help with Mobile Hotspot and Wifi


      I bought two Samsung Galaxy S3 32gb units directly from Verizon Wireless. One of them has since been returned due to a green line down the middle of the screen. That one was replaced with another 32gb unit. In all three units, the mobile hotspot wont work. It may connect to a device now and then, but even so, there is no internet connection. This creates a huge problem since that is why I switched to verizon in the first place - the free mobile hotspot.


      Not only that, the wifi wont even connect to an open network unless I do the code and switch the wifi power saving setting to off EVERY time the device is reset.


      1. Does anyone know how I can get the mobile hotpot to work (it is configured correctly) and is this an issue with the 32gb models? Is there a software fix coming soon?


      2. Does anyone know how to get wifi to work without having to turn the setting off every time there is a reboot?

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          Hello BOODER,

          The mobile hotspot feature is one of my favorite features on my smartphone! It’s probably the easiest way to stay connected with multiple devices while on the go! Since I used this service almost daily on my Galaxy S III, it will be my pleasure to assist you so you can take full advantage of your device! Can I assume that you are not having any issues with browsing the web on the device’s browser? If so then this maybe an issue and I would need to know of any error messages that you get. If you are not having any browser issues then please check these settings under the mobile hotspot menu.

          • Change the Network SSID. (Highly recommended)
          • Unhide your device if hidden
          • Confirm that the Security setting is WPA2 PSK
          • Change the mobile hotspot password
          • Update the Allow Device List

          After you have completed the step above, please verify if the mobile hotspot is working properly. If not then we may have to do a factory reset on the device. To complete this reset, I have posted a link for your review.


          Once you have completed the factory reset, the device will need to be reactivated and re-setup. There is a brief tutorial that will walk you through this process. After you completed the device setup, please test call voice and data features, including the mobile hotspot service, before adding any apps or information back to the device. Once you have done so then please share your findings as another community member may get some value out of your discovery.

          Thank you…

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