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    Ripped off!!


      So I recently changed my plan to the share everything plan under the impression that they would NOT include my internet card (AKA MiFi). I had unlimited internet usage with it. They changed my phones and my MiFi to the share everything plan and now i have to pay more for less data. I immediately called them back after I realized what they had done and they will NOT change it back to the way it was before THEY ******* it all up. I told them what I wanted and assumed they would do it. I was wrong. I was actually under the impression that they would just combine data for the phones and leave the internet the way it was. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever dealt with and I think that I will definitely have to go with another wireless carrier. Why would I want to give up unlimited internet and pay 20 dollars more for 10 GB? Stupidest thing I have ever heard. This is such bologna.

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          Why would it NOT change being on the same account?

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            yeah....if it was on the same account as the phones, then everything goes to share everything. sorry if you didn't realize this, but you can't do what you wanted to accomplish. you can't segregate a device from one account when you move to share everything.

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              you arent the first that have been lied to and deceived in order to give up unlimited. read these boards. there is a deception campaign going on by verizon wireless to try every trick in the book in order to put people on share everything.


              they will lie to you. they will give you false information and deceive you in order to make a buck.


              budone and alsaluki are 2 verizon apologist so dont take their trolling answers seriously. just read their posting history and youll get what im saying.


              so now that you have been ripped off..what you gonna do? are you gonna talk the talk or walk the walk?

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                not an apologist. if you read all of my posts like you suggested, i've even complained that when upgrading my wife's phone, the sales guy made no mention at all about the $30 upgrade fee. i felt that was absurd. however, i also knew about it because i do my homework before altering a contract and i read what i sign. i've had plenty of issues with verizon and have posted them.....but when you don't read what you sign, and understand your account and plan, there's not much you can do. they are sales people, no different than a car salesman or snake oil salesman. if you read my post above, i am pretty sure than any rational person would see that all i did was point out that he can't do what he wanted.

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                  So you didn't realize that Share EVERYTHING actually meant EVERYTHING and Verizon is the stupid one? Sorry the person you need to blame is in the mirror.

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                    You aren't paying more.. the mifi itself went from 60 to 20


                    You prob saved money, but you do get less data true

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                      Wow, man. The idea that VZW has established some conspiracy to liberate you from your unlimited data is absolutely silly. They have been nothing but direct about the fact that you will lose it if you perform certain things on your account. Their are only two real scenarios here:


                      1) The representative did not provide every single detail (possible and it can happen)

                      2) The representative did provide every single detail and the customer did not pay attention fully (possible and it happens)


                      Having worked in customer service for various rewards programs and banking industries, I can say that the latter is often more common than the former - perhaps this is partly due to the higher quantity of customers in relation to the smaller quantity of customer service representatives in a given company. The reality that all people seem to default on the irrational and impatient side definitely plays a hand in it.


                      As for budone, I have seen him respond to people over the last two or three years and, from what I remember, he is always cordial when being cordial is deserved. I have never seen him misrepresent the company or look favorably on things that are incorrect.

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                        Business and azsaluki are aces in my book. Of I had more time to help like they do I would. I'm here everyday but I have to force myself sometimes not to log in when I see a dumb post.

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                          Budone sorry phone spell checked.

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