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    Stuck on 3G


      My S3 has been stuck on 4G since 8/23.  Anyone else experience this?

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          Sorry, I meant stuck on 3G

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            Same here it started yesterday afternoon on the westcoast.

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              Hello Everyone, I just got my SIII on Wednesday and was having the same problem. I just spoke to Verizon Customer Service 1-800-922-0204 she told me to take my sim card out and remove battery, she had to manually enter some info for the phone and as soon as I put it back together I now have 4G.  Good luck.

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                Before you call up Verizon and get a warranty replacement go to a corporate Verizon store and have them replace the 4G sim card for you. This fixes the problem almost 100% of the time. Trust me on this.

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                  Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                  Hello happy community members!

                  The Samsung Galaxy S III is a smartphone that will lead the wireless industry into a new era! With its 4.8 inch screen, 1.5GHz processor, and the new S Voice feature, the S III is the new standard in the wireless world! I want to ensure that you get the most out of your Galaxy S III!

                  As jrsygrl1949 stated, try to remove the sim card and the battery then retest. By removing the sim card the device will update its roaming capabilities and re-establish a new network connection. Also, I would suggest verifying that Bluetooth and wifi is turned off in the Settings menu as this may interfere with the data connection, especially wifi when not connected to the network. Since several of you are having the issue, please reply with your findings so I can reply individually to each circumstance.

                  Thank you…

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                    Well I have to say I spoke too soon! About every couple of days I have to go thru the process of removing the sim card and battery and put them back in, it works as I stated earlier but only for a short time.  I figured out on my own that I had to turn off the wifi, but the bluetooth too, come on this is ridiculous. In other words I should have kept my 3g droid. The purpose of 4 g is to for faster internet, but wait only if you are on the verizon network using data and not wifi and the other reason is for traveling which I do daily for my job, but I can't use bluetooth. How many states now prohibit using your cell unless it is handsfree?  VERIZON SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE CORRECTED WHY HAVE A 4 g phone and of course the sales person won't tell you this!  I am a very disappointed customer after dealing with verizon since you were cellular one and airtouch!!

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                      Well yesterday I did go to the store and they replaced the sim card and today I had to take it and the battery out once more to get 4g let alone 3g which before I really didn't have a problem. Not only that but every call I made after I got back from the store was dropped continually.  WHAT IS GOING ON? Today is the last of my 14 days to return the phone, do I want to "no" I really like the way it feels and it is easy to use, but why did I give up my unlimited data plan for this when it is not working properly? I am afraid it may be going back!

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                        Unfortunately you did not have a chance to exchange the phone before your 14 days were up to see if you just have a bad phone.  The combination of phone, where you live and travel, and how you use the phone just isn't working.  Fortunately for me my GS3 is working well (knock on wood) and I love that beautiful, large screen.  If it were not, I'd return it and go back to Motorola in a heartbeat.  All the rest of my family have Motorolas (3) and I had Motorola phones for the last 10 years before getting the GS3.


                        I can't tell you what is best for you, only what I'd do.  If I had the problems that you are having,  I'd return the GS3, go back to my old phone if possible for the next 2-3 months, and take a look at the new crop of phones that will be released between now and Thanksgiving.