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    Calls go directly to Voicemail


      It seems after a long period of inactivity, maybe overnight),, when anyone calls, the incoming call goes straight to voice mail. ,, no "missed call" notification. If it happened once, I could live with it. But now Im starting to do spot checks by calling my cell from another phone (both cell and land) and I t happened again.


      Now,, it's not any phone settings because after I get the "direct to voice mail" problem, I then make an outgoing call, effectively waking up the service,, then it's fine for several hours.. signal strength is never and issue,, full bars.


      The phone is only a week old and every thing else (data) is tip-top.


      Does anyone have any "non obvious" things to check? I'm quite capable of exploring secret service menus like I did on my old Thunderbolt. Except I don't know the Galaxy service menu access codes yet.


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          I've been dealing with type of problem since November.  I lost count the number of times I've called Verizon.  Most of the time one or two things happen.  The caller on the other end hears the phone ring and eventually goes to voice mail (my phone does not ring at all and I do not have any log of a missed call)  or the call goes directly to voicemail.  It happened again yesterday (it happens at least once every week maybe more), so I called Verizon again today and spent another 40 minutes on the phone with them.  They are going to (again) have engineering look in to it.  I give them phone #'s of those trying to call and times.  It's not isolated to one location.  I've been a verizon customer for 10+ years and this problem didn't start happening until I went to 4G.  There are tons of people complaining about this same thing but Verizon keeps telling me no one else is having this problem.  Since the beginning of the year I'm on my 3rd different phone plus a second SIM card since they thought it was a hardward problem.  It's a Verizon issue not a phone issue IMHO.  Keep calling Verizon maybe they will see a trend and actually do something.  In the past when I've called, they make a single phone call to my phone, it rings and they close out the ticket even though I tell them it's an intermittent issue.

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            Verizon Wireless Customer Support


            That would be very frustrating to not be notified on missed calls! Let's get this fixed! Did this start after an application was downloaded. Please power the device on in safe mode and retest. Here's how to power on in safe mode: http://support.verizonwireless.com/clc/devices/knowledge_base.html?id=59242

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              Verizon Wireless Customer Support

              Hi Tennisbuff,

              I know how important it is to receive phone calls and I am incredbily surprised it's been going on for so long for you! I appreciate all of the time you've invested in this and I would have also had my network engineers take another look at your concerns.

              I hope that they've come back with a solution for you.  Please let us know if you have any further questions!

              I want to personally thank you for being such a long time customer.  Have a great day!

              Thank you

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                Unfortunately MelissaM the problem has not been fixed and I seriously doubt Verizon will ever get it fixed.  I have lost count the number of times I have called about this but I'm guess 15-20 times.  I had a long conversation a couple weeks ago with a tech rep who said that out of all the times I have called there were only two trouble tickets generated.  All of the logging of day/date/times and phone#'s who called me that either went to voicemail OR my phone never rang were not captured. I keep getting the "we're not having this problem" from Verizon despite the numerous threads on Verizon's own forumn that HAVE this same problem. It's the head in the sand routine.  Also, I find out from the Verizon rep that is hundreds of people call in with this problem AND there is no trouble ticket generated, there is no way Verizon is aware this is an ongoing issue.  No data mining of calls coming in.  I cannot rely on phone ringing if someone calls and Unless they leave a voicemail I have no way of knowing I missed a call.  There is no rhyme or reason for this happening but does happen at least once or twice a week.  The real kicker is last week our beloved dog was hit by a car and was dying in my wife's arms.  She tried to call me on my cell phone to come home so I could have a final few moments with our "girl" and my phone never rang.  So while it's no big deal to Verizon, because my phone didn't ring (again) I missed my chance to say goodbye to dog and it makes me angry that I've been trying to get this fixed since November 2011 and I can't make any headway.  So the usual process Verizon has is I call in, after two days I get contacted asking if I've experienced the problem and I say "I don't know because unless someone tells me they tried to call I have no way of knowing" then my case gets closed.  No matter how hard I try to tell Verizon this isn't a fix, no one listens.  This all started when I got my 1st 4G phone and has continued.  It has nothing to do with apps etc..  I just wish someone from Verizon would own the issue, but that's too much to ask.   Frustrated beyond belief

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                  Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                  Hi tennisbuff,

                  As an animal lover, I am very saddened to learn of the fate of your beloved dog. I'm sincerely very sorry that happened to your girl.

                  Let's get to the bottom of this for you. You mentioned that missng calls is an intermittent issue for you. Have you noticed any patterns at all? For example, does it happen in a certain area? When it happens, how is your signal? Please test it if you are in an area where your signal is weak, to see if that is the issue. When this happens, are you notified of a missed call at all at all, if the person leaves a voice mail message or not?

                  I would like to mention that it is a good idea to get into the habit of powering the phone off and on once every couple of days, and not to leave it powered on for days or weeks at a time.  There is no need to leave the phone powered down for any significant amount of time, a minute or 2 is perfectly fine.  The reason for this is that every time a cellular phone powers on, it re-registers itself with the network.  There is a constant connection from the phone to the network, and this registration can sometimes "time out".  This is why it would miss calls.  In a lot of cases, the result is exactly what you are experiencing.  So, you may be able to prevent this by simply power cycling the phone once a day or so.

                  Please let me know how it works out for you, thanks!

                  Christina B
                  VZW Support
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                    Christina B:

                    Thank you for your response.  I called tech support again this morning to report yet again an issue with a call going directly to voicemail providing date/time/phone# that called.  I spoke to Gene r.e my open support ticket # xxxxxxxxxxxx and he said my ticket is being tied to other tickets with the same problem and this has become a "National" issue.  Apparently enough people are now complaining.  Gene's take on this was the phone was losing registration and therefore the network could not find the phone thus going to voicemail.  No one, up until you and Gene has even mentioned "registration".  He said that a software patch was implemented on 11/19/2012 to try and address this, but my issue appeared again on 11/24 so nothing was fixed.  Now here the kicker about powering off and on the phone.  I've tried this powering down when my home phone could not ring my cell phone (have done this on more than one occassion).  Even after powering back on and calling my cell phone it won't ring. However, if I use my cell phone to call my home phone (after powering off/on)  THEN use my home phone to call my cell phone it will THEN ring.  So I think there is something to the registration aspect, but on Verizon's network side not the phone side (I think this is my 4th phone I've tried this year PLUS a new SIM card).   Gene said my ticket will not be closed until there is a fix.  We'll see.  At least, according to Gene, this is now classified as a National Critical Issue.



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                      I'm having the EXACT SAME ISSUE, and have reported it several times to no effect (I've not been given a ticket number or any feedback as of this writing!)

                      As I'm trying to find work, I'm missing some VERY IMPORTANT calls!

                      This is extremely frustrating, and I'm in need of a fix!

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                        I'll add another one to this problem.  I just switched to Verizon 2 days ago, after 14 years at AT&T, because of all the problems with their network.  In those two days I've had the (apparently infamous) "No SIM Card" issue, to be discussed in another thread, and this issue of calls going straight to voice-mail while my phone is sitting right in front of me.  While the signal isn't stellar where it's sitting (1-2 bars), I can still make a call from the phone from the exact same position in which it won't receive calls.  It does receive texts though, strangely enough.


                        I hope we'll see an answer to this "National Critical Issue" soon.


                        Verizon, please keep us updated.

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                          And now, I get a text, less than 10 mins after placing the ticket call that the ticket has been closed. NO test calls were made to my phone, NO confirmation from me that the problem has been resolved (it hasn't)

                          *** , Verizon?

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