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    How do I boost signal strength?


      I recently started a new job and my iPhone 4s only works in parts of the building and not in my office, gym or locker rooms.  Everyone is telling me I have to switch to AT&T because they have a tower less than a 1/4 mile from our campus.  I hate AT&T and have another year and half on my Verizon contract.  Is there any way to boost the Verizon signal in our building or at least in my office.  I work on a Junior High campus as a gym teacher and my office has no outside windows (or walls for that matter).  I use my phone for emergency situations, to check the weather radar, take attendance, input grades, etc.  The coaches are spread out all over the building and at the high school so we mostly communicate via text/cell phone since we're rarely able to check email.  What are my solutions?