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    Please Help! Voicemail Not Working.


      Hello everyone!


      My voicemail has unexpectedly stopped working. The problem now is that when I dial *86 to access my voicemail, it dials my friends' number instead. I don't know what went wrong but just last night my voicemail was working properly. I've tried everything and nothing works. Please help!

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          Jaidee, that’s no fun! Voice mail is a very important feature and I use it every day. Especially, at work where I’m unable to answer the phone. But don’t worry because I’m here to help!

          Are you still having issues accessing your voicemail? When you dial *86 and press send does it show your friend’s number being dialed?

          Go into your contacts and select Voicemail and check what number is set up. If it shows anything other than *86 you need to edit it to show *86.

          Try calling into your voicemail from your cell by dialing your ten digit number. This should route the call to your voicemail.

          If you’re still unable to access voicemail, reboot the phone and retest. Keep me posted.

          John B

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