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      Hi, I am currently visiting in Toronto, Canada, and I do not have an international data package. Before I crossed the border, I turned of my data and my phone was not roaming. I still had a connection to the wireless network so I was able to call (for .69 cents a minute) and have unlimited texting. This morning I turned my phone on and I made a selection on a information box that came up by accident without reading anything it said. I assume it was about roaming because after I made the selection a blue r appeared over my signal strengeth bar.  I went to settings and blocked roaming outside USA, and also turned off my data usage. After this a blue triangle appeared over my signal strength bar, so I assumed that it wasnt roaming then.But then,  when I put my phone on sleep and then press the power button under my unlock code it says "roaming". How do I fix this? I could just put my phone on airplane mode but then I cannot text my friends or parents to let them know where I am. I've tried restarting my phone multiple times but the triangle continues to appear. Also, when I go to data usage it says I have not used any data since arriving in canada, but I am still afriad of using any because it also says that the data calculations my the service provider may differ from how my phone calculates it. I really do not want my phone to use data because its $2.08 per megabyte, so my parents would kill me. Someone please help! I would apprieciate it so much! HOW CAN I MAKE SURE ITS NOT ROAMING AND WHAT DOES THE TRIANGLE MEAN??????


      Thank you