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    Why can't I receive full text messages from ATT iPhones?


      I have only seen a handful of other people with this problem, but I was hoping someone could help. I have an HTC Thunder Bolt and constantly have problems receiving full text messages from people that have iPhones on ATT. My phone has been replaced, my SIM card has been replaced, technicians at the store have tried "adjusting some settings" (whatever they mean by that), I've tried using several different messaging apps and nothing has worked.


      On top of that, the refurbished phone that was just sent to me has issues with its WiFi as well. Constantly disconnecting from networks. I did a factory reset of the phone and both problems still persist.


      I've been with Verizon for quite some time and don't really want to consider changing carriers. Other than troublesome phones, you guys have been great. Help resolving this matter would be truly appreciated