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    G3 freezing up on email


      I need a phone that is reliable for calls, emails, and texts - and the G3 just isn't proving to be that phone. It constantly freezes up when accessing multiple email accounts (one of which is pulling from an Exchange server). I need to be able to quickly reply to email messages and this phone is causing me a bunch of problems by constantly freezing up.


      This is an issue that is noted on many forums so very hopeful Google/Samsung/Verizon will take note and make changes to the phone/OS to make it more reliable. (Probably would have gone with the HTC One X if Verizon carried it.)


      One other issue is how 'slick' the back and side of the phone are: most cases add too much size to the phone so would love to find out how others are dealing with this if it's a problem.

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          I haven't read a single post about the phone freezing.  If it's freezing, it's most likely an app. 


          I juggle three email accounts:  Gmail, Exchange through Touchdown, and an Outlook.com account.  I have no problem quickly receiving and responding to email.  No freezing.  I use and rely on the phone 100% for business.  Mail management from the device is no problem.


          You don't tell us how you are accessing email, such as through the default app, K9, or Touchdown.  If you are trying to use Yahoo or Hotmail accounts through the default app, you may need to subscribe to those providers' premium services to properly manage those services.  Try K9 and Touchdown.

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            I have also not experience any freezing and I peruse some other forums daily and have not seen a lot of it.  I do know there was a problem with the Yahoo Finance app freezing, but it was updated.  I noticed that after it would freeze the phone would close it and start working correctly again. 


            I use Aquamail and absolutely love it.  I have 2 mail accounts right now.  You can have many accounts if you pay for the premium app or 2 with the free one.  Aquamail is infinitely customizable and works with many different email providers.