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    Text Messages Don't Come In/ Send, 4G service doesn't work


      I'm on my third LG Revolution since late last year. My issue has been the same with each one:

      - Texts will say they're sent, but my friends/ family never receive them

      - My friends/ family will text me and I won't respond because I don't get the texts on my phone.

      - 4G service won't connect, even at full bars, sometimes

      - Phone screen goes black when talking on the phone and won't turn back on unless I hit the power button

      - Some phone calls go straight to voicemail without ringing even when I have 4G service

      - Some nights it just won't charge


      I just got off the phone with Customer Service at Verizon and they said there was nothing they could do for me until my upgrade time in July 2013. They recommended I go to EBAY or CRAIGSLIST to buy a new phone and have Verizon activate it for me.


      I told them I was upset that I pay a lot of money for a service that just plain isn't working. The LG Revolution is now MUCH cheaper than when I bought it. I feel duped and they won't help.


      What have others done? Any success in just getting a new phone from Verizon? I'd be happy with a comparable phone from them.

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          Meggiepoo, having issues with your phone is never a good time. But don’t worry because I’m here to help!

          It seems you’re having multiple issues. The best thing to do is to start fresh to eliminate a lot of the issues you are experiencing. To do this you will need to perform a hard reset http://bit.ly/tFfOOj.

          Do not download any third party apps after the hard reset and test your phone for a few days to see if you notice a difference. If the issues stop you can start adding the third party apps back one at a time to determine the one causing the issues.

          Please keep us posted if you need further assistance.

          John B

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            Meggiepoo, You and I.... my Enlighten is doing the same thing. No long text messages sent by family or friends ever arrive. Anything over 4 or 5 sentences sent to me NEVER arrives. Verizon has been trying to help. Been on the phone three or four times, no help ultimately. And they don't know what to do... I can have someone send me a long text message "and" forward it to my husband's old flip phone too and he will receive it, I NEVER do! What gives with this stuff. Some of these messages are important and personal. I am asked "why" I did not respond. Come on Verizon, we gotta fix this. Thanks.

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              I am having the exact same issue with my Revolution. I am on my second one, and have had the same issues with both. A solution to this problem is not sending me another Revolution (which they have suggested and I have refused. What's the point?)


              They have rebooted my phone, they have updated my phone, they have done EVERYTHING except for fix my phone. My friends and family from various phone companies with various phone models all have the same issue when texting me. Some of my friends have resorted to only sending me screen shots from their IPhones because for some reason this has a higher chance of coming through.


              My biggest problem is that I've made several complaints and have been treated like I don't know what I'm talking about or am somehow causing the problem when CLEARLY other people are having the same issues. I pay my bill on time every single month and expect to get the service I am paying for. I understand that I text a lot, that's why I got the unlimited text messaging. I don't care if I sent 1,000,000 messages a month, that is what I am PAYING for.

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                Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                Hi Roamingdoc83,

                I apologize for the delay because I realize the importance of sending and receiving text messages! Are you using a 3rd Party messaging application? The text issues has been lifted to the manufacture, LG. A fix for the issue is under review and will be included in the next Software update. The tentative release date is under review. I hope this information is helpful and your patience is greatly appreciated.

                Thanks for your contribution to our community forums,


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                  No I do not use a 3rd party texting application. Does this mean that there

                  is no solution? I am sure you are aware that this has been a recurring

                  issue since the release of the phone, and that nothing yet has fixed it. In

                  addition to not receiving text messages, the phone also randomly restarts

                  and freezes often, doesn't end phone calls, and send/receives mutlipes of

                  texts (when it actually works).


                  Although I usually am a very patient person, I think that in this instance

                  I have more than patient enough. I don't think that asking your customers

                  to continue paying for a service that is not being provided is exactly

                  fair. If there is no solution, I would like another phone or I would like

                  to be released from my contract so that I may find a phone company that can

                  give me the product I am paying for.


                  Thank you,


                  Brooke E. Nadolny


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                    I'm having similar issues with my phone.  I've noticed that I receive less than 50% of my texts that come from friends with iphones.  This has been a huge problem since my fiancee, my brother, and my boss use iphones. 


                    Also, I'm unable to use their exchange server because the phone can't handle the load.


                    I have also had 4G turned off for about a month because the battery only lasts about 1-2hrs with it on.


                    Good luck getting a new phone though, my incredible was completely broken due in no part to my use or handling of it, but I had to wait until my contract was up to get a discount on this revolution that has been awful.