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    "com.google.process.gapps has stopped" after ICS upgrade


      Ever since the upgrade to ICS, I receive the following error on my phone at least a couple times per day.  At this point, it is more of a nuisance, since I can't identify any app that doesn't work, but I can say without a doubt that the battery life of my phone lasts only about 50% of what it used to.  I'm not sure if they are related, but there is definitely a problem with this upgrade.


      Does anyone else get the error that I'm getting?  I know others are experiencing poor battery life after the upgrade.  Could it be related to some app that keeps crashing?

        • 1. "com.google.process.gapps has stopped" after ICS upgrade

          Are you using some sort of task killer or task manager?  Something is killing off your Google services (contact sync, market updater, etc.).  If this is constantly restarting because it's being killed off, that could explain excessive battery drain.

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            Nope.  No task manager or task killer.  Just the out of the box, what came with the phone task manager.  This was never an issue before the upgrade.  And again today, with only use of the camera for a couple of birthday pictures of my son's party, the battery was down to less than 10% by 1:00pm.  Horrible.  Absolutely horrible considering I didn't open a single app other than the camera.

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              Um, anyone at Verizon care to chime in?  I opened up my Facebook app this morning and this error popped up again.  This error occurs several times per day, is annoying, and probably has something to do with the horrible battery life I'm experiencing.

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                Just wanted to share some screenshots.


                The first photo is the summary of my battery life today.  It's been on for two hours, and it says I have two hours left.  So you're telling me I'm supposed to have 4 hours of battery life total, with normal usage?  I'm sorry, but that is **** and a problem with ICS.  I NEVER HAD THIS PROBLEM BEFORE THE UPGRADE.  MY BATTERY LASTED ALL DAY.


                This next photo is a screenshot that I get, no matter what I'm working in - Facebook, Chrome, Play Store, etc...  I've received it 3 times already today and all I've done is checked Facebook and updated 1 app from the Play Store.


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                  Where does it say you have two hours of battery left?  I'm seeing that you have used 16% of your battery in two hours, why would your phone think you will use the other 84% in the next two hours?  It looks to me like your battery life is somewhat normal.


                  That being said, constant force closes can be irritating. Have you tried a factory reset yet?

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                    I see what you're saying about the battery life.  I obviously read that wrong.  Regardless, my phone's battery will NOT last past 6:00-7:00pm tonight without having to charge it - less than 12 hours.  And that is without streaming anything, without playing games, and just checking emails and using Evernote a little.  I'm still arguing that less than 12 hours is 1) at least a couple of hours worse than what I had before the ICS upgrade and 2) still unacceptable.

                    I haven't performed a factory reset yet.  I have to travel this week for work, so I may wait until I get back on Thursday to do that since I'd rather have an annoying phone than one that doesn't work at all if something goes wrong.

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                      Typically, 2 hours of screen on time is what you'll get... from most Android phones. But, if you are using your phone the same, and getting less battery life, that's not a good thing. The force closes could very well be the issue, as that process is probably restarting, causing the battery drain.

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                        I'd really recommend getting an extended battery, my phone wouldnt last more than 5 to 6 hours before and even after ICS but I finally decided to get an extended battery and it lasts me for more than 16 hours and im on facebook, surfing the web, and playing games most of the time. The only con about extended batteries is that it makes your phone a bit more bulky but Ive gotten use to it and enjoy the way longer battery life!


                        I also agree with demmo on the task killer ive noticed my phone's battery go down like crazy when I would kill apps every hour or so but now I only use it when one of my apps freezes or its not working right and save more battery when I leave apps running in the back than killing them, ironically. As far as your other problem id recommend going into setting>apps>all apps and scroll all the way down and make sure nothing is disabled if you havent done so already and see if that helps.

                        And btw if you do look for an extended battery i'd recommend getting one from amazon called Laza Zcell 3240maH w/back cover I believe its around 25 bucks.

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                          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                          Hello Delosky and thank you to the community for your great incite. I have the answer you need to address your concerns. After completing a software update, it's always a great idea to complete a master reset. This should resolve the problems described in your post. Please select the link for instructions...http://goo.gl/0VYfo ^CM

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