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    Bluetooth problem after ICS upgrade


      I use my HTC Rezound to connect to my car (Kia Forte)  phone connect system - acts as a headset to the phone.  Since the ICS update was applied, this bluetooth function has stopped working.  I removed all the "devices" on the phone and "re paired" the phone with the car system.  After I did the pairing, the phone and car connected and the phone asked if it could upload my contact info to the car system.  When I responded "OK" the phone did a reboot.  Now it won't connect to the car - iIt just says "connecting" but won't complete.  This is really frustrating.  The car system and the phone worked perfectly prior to the ICS update.  Any suggestions?  When will this be fixed?  Can I go back to the OS that was on the phone prior to the update? 

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          I can't even get my bluetooth to come on to be able to get my truck to pick it up..Mine worked fine as well before this STUPID ICS..If you find a solution please post..I was going to call tech support but if it goes the same way as it did the last time they are just offering a refurbished because it would not have the ICS on it..Not the solution I want.

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            Not sure if this is what corrected my issue or not..If you have "maps" as on of your apps try to uninstall the current update for it and restart your phone..This is what I done and now I have my bluetooth settings available.

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              I am also having bluetooth issues.  When ever I turn on my GPS the bluetooth gets deactivated.  When I try to restart the bluetooth it just says Turning On and never does anything.  A phone restart has usually solve the issue until the next time I turn on the gps.  I am also having issues with random restarts. Very buggy release!

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                Coolavin, did you try my suggestion? Especially since you are saying it happens when using gps..See if you go and uninstall the most recent update for google maps...Go to settings>Apps> scroll to google maps..click on it then click uninstall update..I have had no bluetooth issue today since I done that

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                  I have similar problems with bluetooth and have located a "bandaid" while looking through multiple forums.


                  I stream music all day at work with pandora/iheart radio via bluetooth to my Big Blue stereo. Always worked perfectly prior to ICS. After the update, while streaming, my phone would crash then automatically reboot without the ability to turn bluetooth back on. I would then have to manually restart the phone at which point I would have bluetooth and streaming capabilities for another 10-20 minutes or so until it crashed again.


                  I've done the factory reset as recommended by Verizon, but to no avail. I have been sent up to supervisors and higher tiered tech support on several occassions and the latest conversation was that they were going to send me new phones until I got one without the ICS update (Gingerbread - which they cannot determine prior to sending to me). I am now on my third phone.


                  Now to the bandaid. I found someone post on a forum an app that keeps bluetooth from shutting down due to an error with standby mode. I have not had my phone reset since installing this app (Bluetooth Keepalive - $1.50).


                  I will continue to return my phone until I get one with gingerbread or an update comes out to fix this as I am not going to pay as much as I am for a defective OS (I stream a lot). Verizon should advise people of this app and offer to credit their account $1.50 as a temporary solution.


                  Good luck all and hope this helps you like it did me. Read up on it for yourself before downloading:


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                    I just located this HTC Rezound Bluetooth discussion.  I purchased a Rezound phone in April, 2012.  Within about 5 months, the "ring" stopped functioning.  Verizon sent a refurbisded phone that failed to perform and promptly send me a third unit.  While my 1st Rezound phone functioned well with the bluetooth in my Ford, the 3rd unit continually disconnected from the bluetooth in my Ford vehicle. Verizon sent my a 4th phone.  It will connect when I start the car, however withing 5 minutes or less, it too disconnects and often, the only way to reconnect is to restart the car.  I'm disappointed that the Verizon tech. support person stated he was not aware of others having this issue.  Any suggestions for next steps that might get this defect corrected?

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                      Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                      Tomk01, I'm sad to hear that you've had multiple replacements and still having issues with your Bluetooth. Have you tried the previous suggestion of un-installing the update to Google Maps? Does rebooting the phone allow the device to reconnect? Does this happen with other Bluetooth devices as well?

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                        On the replacement phones I didn't update maps and it was still happening.

                        I streamed in my car and via two different Bluetooth speakers, all with the

                        same result. I received Tuesday the razor maxx as the Rezound just couldn't

                        be fixed, which I had to return as the SIM card would not click into the

                        phone. Took it to the Verizon store and they said it was broken. Had to

                        send it back and now waiting for my 5th replacement. Never had an issue

                        with gingerbread, but since the ICS download I have never seen more

                        dysfunction with tech support. I don't have the time to list everything

                        that has gone wrong over the past few months, but suffice to say I won't

                        renew with Verizon.

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                          Thanks for your out reach.  I don't use "maps".  I have uninstalled and

                          reinstalled the bluetooth connection, removed the battery/re-booted.  The

                          bluetooth feature on my other verizon wireless phone is functional and does

                          not disconnect.  Based on the number of people having bluetooth issues with

                          the HTC phone, please let me know your thoughts about getting a comparable

                          replacement device.


                          Best regards,


                          Tom <Full name removed for privacy.>


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