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    Samsung Galaxy S3 No Antenna Strength; Want Exchanged


      I owned a Droid Pro and recently "upgraded" to a Samsung Galaxy S3 on July 21st.  I went from 5 bars down to 0 or 1 bars within my home.  I finally realized how bad the coverage had gotten on about Day 18 after the upgrade - 4 days after I could no longer return the phone.


      Verizon's suggested I buy a network extender (also made by Samsung - big surprise there) for $250.


      I want to return my phone.  I love the other functionality of the GS3, but if it doesn't work as a PHONE (I had good reason to believe Verizon's towers would work here because of my Droid Pro) I want it replaced with something that DOES.  Verizon's customer service has been amazing up until this point, but now I'm starting to feel like they're sitting back with me "on the hook."


      Any suggestions?  Any similar experiences?

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