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    iPad and prepaid for one month




      I am coming to states for 20 days (traveling around from city to city), and I need some kind of mobile internet.


      What is the best option for me?

      a) Prepaid card for iPad3

      b) Prepaid card + USB stick in my notebook

      b) Prepaid card for my mobile + tethered notebook


      20$ (1GB) is enough for me (email + few pictures upload to FB).




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          Ipads that are compatible with the VZW network you can purchase a month's time for $20, and you can do it from the Ipad. If you go with a usb stick, you will pay $50 for 1gb of data for a month. So I would definitly go with the Ipad, since the Ipad3 as you said is a 4g device, so cheaper and faster speeds.