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    New Service Application - Headache


      To start, I am not a Verizon customer, and am somewhat grateful for this experience, as I am questioning my judgement. I have just purchased two Galaxy Nexus, from Best Buy. I had my credit bureaus all locked. Before applying, the locks were removed. I still received online errors, as I proceeded with the application.


      I made contact to Best Buy and they conferenced in Verizon. Verizon wants to verify my identity. Ok, cool, I have worked closely with Section 326, of the Patriot Act, KYC. I am also familiar with FCC requirements. I expected to be asked credit history question, via a third-party tool, such as VerID. The Verizon agent said there were no questions, within their tool - I have been verifying information through these means, since I was nineteen. The agent was probably too lazy to read of the questions and choices, or simply inputted the information incorrectly, but that has to been done multiple times, before one is locked out of verifying that identity.


      So, the agent provides an email address to digitize the email to fax. The requested documents; government issued POI and utility bill. Ok, that is two of the three required documents for KYC. Obviously, my SSN was a hit; thus, third-party verification is possible (LexisNexis, FastData, VerID ect..). I email the documents, because I understand. Minutes later email is returned, as undeliverable, haha, go figure CS reps (I have been there, and the lies flow like the Nile).


      However, the Best Buy agent gets authorization to proceed. I pick up the phones and Verizon is requesting the same information, again. I fax it to them. My proof of address is not accepted, which is a credit card - already complete their due diligence, more so than my power company. I try to supply my credit bureau PIN, and everyone gets confused at Verizon. Go figure, trying to comply with requirements or back-end policies, and then have no understanding of procedures.


      I was understanding and by all means polite. I have two phones that are not active and still no service. How do I proceed with Verizon, to rectify this issue? I am not providing the documents, anymore; use my PIN to access the reports, if for some reason, after the locks were removed, they still cannot view them. I intend on investing one hour more on completing this process, or I will retract my application.


      Please advise, folks.

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          I am totally at a loss. Seems to me, based on how you present the situation, you have made it hard to complete on your own.

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            Your response would be accurate, in the instance I provided resistance to Verizon's requests.  In my post, I state, "I was understanding and by all means polite.".  The documentation was provided.


            I was highly frustrated, at the time of the original post.  My apologies, I should have kept it simple and asked if anyone had encountered this before, and what means for resolution worked for them.


            Your post lacks comprehension, of the original post.




            Verizon's Email:


            Hello XXXX,


            Good afternoon, I hope you are enjoying your Sunday so far. My name is XXXX and I will be glad to assist with addressing your concern in regards to completing your new service activation and porting your Sprint numbers. I apologize that it has taken so much of your time to complete the activation with your current Sprint numbers. Please know that we do value your time. I will do my very best in resolving this matter for you today.


            XXXX, I attempted to call you to address your concern but reached your voicemail. In receipt of your email, I took the liberty in trying to access an account with your wireless numbers, application number, and with your first/last name but came up unsuccessful. I certainly apologize. I even took the initiative with trying to reach out to my Port Team for assistance with completing your new activation with your Sprint numbers but was informed that we do not have a port request for either wireless number. Again, apologize. At this time I ask that you revisit the Best Buy location in which you initiated service so that we may rectify this matter for you.


            Although I was unable to resolve this matter for you today, I am confident that the Best Buy location in which you setup service will be able to assist in providing a resolution. Thank you for contacting us via our website, we appreciate your business. Have a great day!





            Customer Service

            Verizon Wireless




            The representative, from Best Buy, and myself were told that the application number existed and was pending the documents.  Apparently, Verizon has no record of me at all.

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              I never stated of even thought you were not polite witha he rep. Just the way you described the issue on here, (locks on credit reports, unlocking reports) and such just seems to me makes the situation ripe for difficulty for all parties involved.



              Hope it is resolved for you soon.

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                have you considered walking in to a verizon store and taking care of it?

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                  Looking back on it, that would of probably have been the best choice.  I have returned the phones and will be staying with Sprint - unlimited data and customer service I can rely on.

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                    ediba wrote:


                    Looking back on it, that would of probably have been the best choice.  I have returned the phones and will be staying with Sprint - unlimited data and customer service I can rely on.

                    throttled data


                    its best to go to a vzw corporate store to start an account, takes about 5-10 minutes, if your credit is ok.

                    ive never been a fan of 3rd party resellers

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                      i agree, but best buy has the gnex for free now. on 2 lines you'd save $200.

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                        and i would have to give up my unlimited data

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                          You're first problem was that you went to Best Buy. Your second problem is the locked down credit report garbage. I do find curious how you say you're staying with Sprint because they have unlimited data. Well surely you knew before you tried to sign up for Verizon that Verizon's data is not unlimited so why is that even a point to bring up? If Sprint was so great you wouldn't have even considered switching to another carrier especially one that doesn't offer unlimited data. So please enough with the whole "my old carrier was better anyways" routine.

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