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    How do I reset my billing password


      I'm about through with Verizon Wireless.  I can't remember my billing password because it was delibrately changed by somebody at Verizon.  Last time I used it, I used the last 4 of my SSN, which worked.  Now, it doesn't recognize it.  I've tried to call Verizon a number of times to try to reset it, but everytime I call, it wants, "Please enter password".  I can't even speak with a live person without getting, "Please enter password". 

      I've tried the press 0 option, which typically takes you to a live rep, but once again, "Please enter password".  I've tried the option to reset the password, and once again, "Please enter password".  How's somebody suppose to enter a password for a reset password option when they can't remember what it is?

      All I'm going to say is that within 6 months, Sprint's getting my service.

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          Hello jbooser! Very sorry for all the frustration you've experienced in trying to reset your billing system password. Verizon Wireless treasures your privacy, so we do want to make sure that only authorized individuals have access to your account details. And we certainly do not want any changes to be made to your account without your concent or approval. Please send me a personal message through the forum. I can help you get your password reset. Search for and follow Dion M so that you can send me your name and contact info. I'll be happy help you get your password reset.

          Dion M.
          VZW Support
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            This is the most difficult thing ever! I've been trying to re activate my account myself SINCE VERIZON HELP IS ONLY AVAILABLE FROM 7-11 PM ***!



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              So you two guys are terminating your service with Verizon because you don't know your billing password?


              Its just an automated machine . If you wanna get to a rep...when you call the automated machine 18009220204.


              Just click the option that says start new service or add a line of course that takes you to a rep quicker.


              If you don't like automated machines. Go to a DIRECT Corporate store and take your State ID and they will reset it for you.



              ....Verizon does a good job protecting your privacy. You should value this.


              Picture this....what IF I called in on your account and got it changed in 2 minutes without a verification process. Scary right?

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                All you do is verify account info...never actually helping the customer...<< Language removed to comply with Verizon Wireless Terms of Service >>


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                  I too cannot find or remember my billing password and thus I cannot upgrade my phones, extend my service or get additional service.  There should be a simplier way to handle these complaints.  They cannot help me at the store or on line chat or by phone.  I have tried to do as the video says but it will not change the billing password and I cannot see anywhere on the website how to request your billing code.  This truly is frustrating.


                  Please tell me how to get my billing password. Even if I found where you could change it, you need it to change it.

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                    Unless you changed it at some point, the billing password is usually the last four digits of your social security number.