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    Droid Razr Startup Troubleshooting Guide


      I was just able to fix my phone when one of the technicians weren't able to. Here is the host of solutions i have encountered thus far

      when attempting to troubleshoot Startup problems with my phone:


      Normal operation of the Driod Razr includes:

      -Seeing the Battery Indicator and the Motorola Dual Core Screen when the battery is below 20%.

      -Should either startup or keeping on charging on battery levels above 20%.

      -Anything else means the system is not starting up properly.


      Q: I just updated to Ice Cream Sandwhich, but while updating now all it says it Motorola Dual Core.


      What this means is that your phone has some software issues when attempting to start up. As the battery

      power is below 20%, it can't start up and therefore your in a bit of a rut. The two documented solution for this

      solution is:


      -Bring it to your local phone repair place or...


      -Ask one of your nerdy friends to make you a Factory Motorola Cable that requires you to splice a regular MicroUSB

      cable and solder it in a certain way. This cable differs from other cables in the sense that it will allow you to reflash the phone

      with ICS and start being able to charge your phone again. Create a discussion and we will ensure all these documents are in one



      -Do some research on a utility called the droid Razr Utility. Enough Said




      Q: Droid Razr will not startup and has a white light


      This problem may be simply be resolved by what is called by a simple Hard Reset. This hard reset entails that you press

      the Power button and the Volume button for at Least 20-30 seconds. Usually when this works, it will simulate a "battery

      Pull" like you were able to do in the old days and thus you will be able to restart your phone.


      Not able to do the reset with the power button and volume down?


      This will require that you actually physically pull the battery yourself. (What was that? How is this possible?) As this is obviously

      a suggestion that will not be covered when talking with one of the Verizon Technicians, its still better than buying a wholly completely

      new device. Especially if your device is not covered under their warranty, why not try it anyways? Note: I am not responsible about what

      you do with your phone. What you do is still your responsibility at the end of the day.


      You can get details of how to pry off the back cover by using either a pry tool or small and gentle use of a small ***** driver to pull off the

      back cover (you can get more info on Ifixit's breakdown of the Droid Razr). Once your pry off the back., all you need is either the correct size

      ***** driver or T5 Torx screwdriver to take off the battery screws and that should finally turn off the device. Screws the battery screws right

      back on and power back on your device. Presto Magico!


      If you noticed that when you unplugged the phone when it was plugged into the wall charger for who knows how long and it still has a white light when you unplug the cable, this verified the battery is still holding a charge and there is some type of either hardware or software issue on the phone itself.

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          Pulling the Cover on that Phone You'l Void the Warranty!  Doing a Soft Reset with Power and Volume Down Button is the Same as Pulling the Batter witch can be only done in Models that Warren it..


          Here is How to Do the Soft Reset:



          Soft Reset - DROID RAZR / RAZR MAXX by MOTOROLA


          Note A soft reset is the most useful tool for resolving a variety of issues. In most cases, a soft reset will not affect data on the device, unless the battery is very low.

          1. Press and hold volume down key then press and hold the power button until the device powers off then release.
            Power and Volume Down keys