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      Ive searched the internet and this seems to be a really common problem, I was hoping a verizon rep could post a reply to suggest any possible fix or steps needed to resolve the issue.


      The problem is specifically that anyone from the sprint network gets delayed texts from me, and i get delayed texts from them.


      Please help. Thank you

          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          Mikey3230, I’m always using text messages to stay connected with family and friends when I’m unable to talk on the phone and need to get a quick message to them. Having the message delivered in a timely manner is definitely important so I definitely understand how frustrating this must be for you. But don’t worry because I’m here to help!

          I do not show any reported known issue with delayed text message to Sprint. Are you using a 3rd party messaging App? Are you only experiencing this with that carrier? Are the delayed text messages with every text you send and receive? What phone do you have? Are you sending text messages longer than 160 characters? Are you using a signature in your text messages? If so, remove it and retest. This can sometimes affect the delivery of the message.

          Try performing a soft reset on your phone and retest. A soft reset can be done by removing the battery for a few seconds (if the battery is removable. If not, then power cycle device). This may help with the delayed text. You may also want to have the person you’re sending the text messages to contact their service provider to make sure they aren’t having any issues.

          If you are still having issues after the soft reset post back for further assistance. Make sure to include answers to the above questions so I can better assist.

          John B

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            Thank you for your response.


            it is a very known issue, if you just google "text message delay between verizon and sprint" you'll get forums with many discussions of the problems. (However, not all are the same issue). I'm not using any 3rd party applications, and this is acutally happening with a basic phone (LG Env Touch). But also with any other phone ive tried. I only experience it with sprint, There are even times when the delay is extremely bad 10-15-20mins with certain people in the past, but currently i know there is always a general delay with a few specific sprint people i text often.


            -It doesnt matter how many characters short or long all are delayed. If they send me long texts (3-6 pages) texts will come in at random orders and some will be delayed longer than others.


            -There are no signatures


            -Soft reset has not worked


            -It is not the others carrier either because she is able to text others extremely quickly without delay as am i with others.