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    Phone not working properly


      Any time I try making a phone call there are no ringing sounds, just silence.  The screen shows that a call is active indicated by a running clock, but there are absolutely no sounds.  Also, when I receive a phone call, I answer and there is just silence.  Texting and data services work fine, it's just the phone that is totally useless.  Any suggestions?




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          While in a call click the volume up button on the side of the phone

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            Hi Zach,


            Have you used an [attached] headset, ear bud, etc?  If so, try inserting/removing the jack a few times.  Sometimes, the tiniest piece of trash can get inside the headset port - and the phone "thinks" there's a jack inserted, even after you've removed it.  Amazingly enough, I've seen this issue at my workplace - twice it was solved with this simple procedure.  One phone, however was defective and required warranty replacement.


            Hope it helps