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    Voice Dialing problems with Galaxy S3


      One of the critical safety features of any phone is the ability to place a call by voice command while driving.


      The Samsung Galaxy S III has two major failings in supporting this basic need.  Problems with S Voice and problems placing calls from a locked phone using a bluetooth headset.


      S Voice supports voice dialing, although rather poorly.  S Voice is slow to process what I've said (unlike voice typing in every other app) and frequently fails due to "network error".


      But worst of all, if I set S Voice to never auto-dial (because I want to confirm that it hasn't misrecognized who I am trying to call), rather than reading me the name it matched and asking me if I want to dial, it only displays the match on-screen, which is useless when driving.


      Even if I am willing to trust S Voice to auto-dial, there is still a fatal flaw in voice dialing that I haven't found a way around.


      In the phone app, under call settings, Accessory settings for call, Outgoing call conditions, you are able to set whether, when using a bluetooth headset, you are able to use the headset's call button to place a call when the phone is locked.


      The problem is the phone's definition of "locked".


      If the phone's security is set to only need to swipe the screen to unlock, this feature works as you would expect.  However, anyone who is concerned about security of their data would never consider this setting as locked.


      If you have your phone's security set to require anything other than a swipe, be it face recognition, PIN, pattern or password, you are unable to place a call using your bluetooth headset's call button.


      In other words, there is no safe way to place a call while driving unless you leave your phone with no security.


      Ignoring for the moment the significant shortcomings of S Voice for dialing, as delivered to the customer you can not safely use your Galaxy S3 to place a call while driving.


      Has anyone found a way to place a call when the screen is locked with a PIN?


      Better yet, has anyone found a voice dialing app that works on the Samsung Galaxy S3 as a replacement for S Voice?


      Any suggestions on how to get the Galaxy S III to match the capabilities of every other phone I've ever owned will be greatly appreciated.

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          You can use S Voice with a lock screen, under the setting menu for the application there is a option to unlock device with wake up command.


          As for the time it takes to do a action depends on the data connection because the app requires data to work..  Mine is almost instant when I say something and so far it has worked well on responding to mu words.


          Check the wake-up setting and try speaking clearer may help.

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            I agree, and this is maybe the issue that causes me to return this phone. My Jabra Supreme has worked perfectly with 3 phones. This idiotic S-Voice is completely killing my ability to dial while driving. Even with the phone unlocked I will press my earpiece to dial, s-voice will start to tell me missed events (I couldn't care less) and then stop in the middle of the sentence. It usually takes 10 tries to get a call through. I get a huge amount of Network not found errors when trying to voice dial. Is there any way to disable S-Voice when using Bluetooth? If I could just get back to the simple communication between headset and phone I could keep this thing.

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              THANK GOODNESS, someone to feel my pain! LOL On some other forums, I have been attacked for complaining about S-Voice. All of you just described what I am going through. And like Adamant, I am probably going to take the phone back tomorrow. And, also, like Adamant, I don't want to! Dang it! I just want to use my phone HANDS FREE! I have contacted Verizon, Samsung and Jawbone and am more confused than before. Samsung said my phone was too smart for my bluetooth! And that there was nothing they could do about my phone not recognizing my sister's name. This is my favorite example: I say 'Call Rite Aid Pharmacy'  simple enough.  Phone says 'I can do an internet search for 'Call Rite Aid Pharmacy' !!!!!!!! About enough to make me want an iPhone! not really. But I am going to trade 'down' for a Razr Maxx, I think?

              I had no problems with my MOTO Razr! oh yeah, one more thing...S VOICE <Comment deleted per the Verizon Wireless Terms of Service.> ...I could go on; but won't


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                Wildman, for some reason, you just don't get what we are saying here. It's not working! Maybe it is just our phones? I don't know? Maybe your's works fine. But ours do not. At all. Ever. We want HANDS FREE phone operation. I have know that in my life and I want it again! LOL

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                  I understand what you are reporting but mine works but after experimenting with my device I am starting to think its got something to do with the BlueAnt headset software I may installed and how my system is configured, I have S Voice disabled and once I activate headset the BlueAnt default option showed and once I told it what I wanted to do with speed dial option it defaults to the search app instead of S Voice.


                  It works fine for me but this may not be because the device now that you point it out...  MyBlueAnt T2-BK-USEN-US,

                  Jabra 4050 bluetooth, Jabra Cruiser Bluetooth Car Kit and factory car stereo in my truck works voice dial fine.

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                    S-Voice works like a  vacuum cleaner, like a baby on  a bottle, like the life-stealing machine on the Princess Bride, like the biggest black hole in the universe, like drinking a milkshake from a straw. And I can only hope that, even if Samsung and Verizon are denying it, that they will address it in the near future. If not, it will be the last Samsung phone I ever buy. C'mon everyone, you KNOW it is not working like it should! You love your phone; I love it too. But I expect a little more than this on a phone that is doing battle with the iPhone 5!     S-Voice is so far off; it is laughable; if I weren't such a hindrance.

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                      I agree S-Voice needs a lot of work but I do not use it to care, now as for comparing devices to be in competition with the iPhone 5 you are mistaken... 


                      I do not consider the iPhone all that, I admit they opened doors with the first iphone but in my opinion they have been lacking on new technology since.


                      The S3 is a superior device in so many ways that the voice dial isnt a deal breaker...  Now dont get me wrong I hope they fix the issue or at least allow access to the original voice dialer that other android devices are using.

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                        I have been on the fence all day as to whether to take it back or keep it. I want to keep it; obviously. Just keep hearing 'thunder'   Guess I'll probably keep it and hope that everyone admits to seeing the 'elephant' in the room and a fix will be made available promptly. Thanks Wildman; you are a very polite Wildman!

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                          Glad to help in any way, I hope the S3 works out for you because I wouldn't change it for any device released by Verizon to date,

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