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    New iPhone 4s can not send photos by message


      I have been trying to send a photo by message all day without success.  My iphone 4s shows full bars and 3G.  The message gets 99% of the way then stalls and and after several fails and you get the little red circle.  MMS is turned on, data roaming is turned on, I've reduced the size of the photo to 320 and STILL fails.  Done the *228 option 2 to reset roaming, turned the phone off and on, retried again and again and still nothing.  Any suggestions?

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          The iPhone 4S is a smartphone that doesn’t need an introduction! With its dual core A5 chip, multi-band global antenna, ability to function in over 30 languages, and with Siri the virtual assistant, it’s no reason that the iPhone 4S is the most popular smartphone in the world! With so many features at your fingertips, sending picture messages is a breeze! May I ask are you able to browse the web and download apps on your phone? The reason I asked is because I want to confirm that you have a consistent data connection on the device. Below I have posted a link on how to troubleshoot picture messaging.


          Once you have completed the steps in the link above, please test the picture messaging on the device to ensure functionality. If you are successful in sending & receiving a picture message then congratulations! If not then note the error message or experience that you are having. In either case, please reply to this message with your findings as I am eager to know the outcome.

          Thank you…

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