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      RE:  Samsung Galaxy S3

      How do you delete TEXT logs?  Not  normal text or call log, but the text logs?   But the TEXT log shows

      up under Messaging.  They date back,3 -4 days.

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          when on the home screen, press messaging, then when your list of people that you've been messaging shows up, press & hold, (LONG PRESS) the person who's conversation you don't want to see anymore, a screen will come up, (choices are view contact, or delete thread), delete thread gets rid of the conversation. Hope this helps.

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            That is not what I was talking about.  To get to logs:  1. Messaging 2. tap contact image 3. tap contact image again. then you will see Groups. Contacts, favorites, logs. 


            Found out from Samsung themselves, LOGS (messaging) cannot be deleted at this time!!!! they are kept for 5 consecutive days. 


            According to Samsung, it does not take a lot of memory and they may come up with an update later to delete them.

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              Wait.  Your directions don't work.  If you open Messaging, tap the contact pic, then tap the contact pic again, it cancels the first tap.  I think you mean open messaging, tap the contact pic, then tap the contact name to bring up the contact's information.


              But, I think you can delete them; it's just a bit complicated.  From messaging,

              • tap the contact pic,
              • tap the contact name (you could just edit the contact from contacts, too),
              • then hit the menu button,
              • click History. 
                • You see Histroy. 
              • Tap menu again and you have some options. 
                • Delete, as in delete History,
                • View by, which allows you to pick the type of History you want to view. 
              • If you click View by,
                • deselect all,
                • select Message,
                • then Done, your view will be the History of your SMS contact with that contact. 
                • You can delete by hitting menu and selecting delete, select all, then Done. 


              This just deletes the History (what you are calling LOGS).  You will then have to delete the actual SMS.


              I think this is what you are looking for, but I could be mistaken.

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                YES That's it!!!!  Now why did Samsung and verizon tell me there was no way to do it!!!! THANK YOU!!!!  It was driving me nuts!!!!

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                  It's like contacting VZW, or any other call center.  With so many devices, with so many plans, under so many conditions, who is going to know everything, every detail, etc.?


                  Mark the answer correct so others will know how.