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    HTC Rhyme wont turn on!


      First off I'd like to say after searching on here, I'm the third person in the last two months to complan of this EXACT problem so obviously its the phone itself as they make it and if you are thinking of getting one DO NOT!


      I was using my phone and all the sudden it shut off for no reason (fully charged) but this is not the first time its happened it actually does this quite often so I figured no big deal turn it back on like always. Well this time it did not turn on at all. It will not charge, the charging light does not come on and I have tried multiple chargers in multiple outlets that have ALL worked previously. The phone was not dropped, damaged, or gotten wet at all and I have had this thing for LESS THAN A MONTH!!!!! This is absolutely ridiculous, I have no phone to call customer support, no one will help me and I don't know what the **** to do I'm so frustrated and mad! Has anyone whos had this problem found a solution???

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          My phone will not come on!!!!!!!  Hasn't been dropped, gotten wet, or been abused in anyway, yet I just went to use it, and nothing! It won't charge, won't light up, and you can't even remove the battery to try to reset it. I don't know what to do, since this is my only phone and I can't even call for support. ANY suggestions would be appreciated!

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            Maybe a SOFT RESET will work.

            Press and Hold the power button for ten seconds.

            I know seems like a long time to some and maybe not to others.

            This should do a simple reboot of the phone.

            A hard reset (Volume down and press power, use volume button to select FACTORY RESET) will wipe out the phone.


            My wife just got a Rhyme, her first smart phone. She was complaining that it was cutting out. I noticed that the way she was holding the phone was pressing the volume buttons. Don't know for sure but since she started holding the phone differently, no problems.

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              I just logged on for the exact same thing. It was working one minute and then bam! Nothing!

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                I contacted customer help - hold down the button on top for 10 seconds to reboot. It should either restart or turn off at which time you can turn it back on. My phone shut off/froze in the on position with black screen. This worked. It is similar to the action of taking out the battery on any of the other phones.

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                  Thanks, Duewester. I tried the soft reset with the power button, and it woked.