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    Galaxy S3 Battery Life


      I just bought a galaxy s3 last Friday because I loved everything about it and the sales representative made it sound like it beats the iPhone 4 hands down. Now I'm starting to wonder if I should bring it back because of the poor battery life. I sent a total of 12 text messages and made absolutely no calls and had 2-3 bars of 4G LTE service and my battery was at 32% in 5 hours. I had it in Power Save mode, too. Now I'm having problems getting one bar of 3G service and my battery just keeps wearing down. I'm going to be heading to college in a few weeks and my phone is my only source of communication and i don't want to be attached to wall because my phone can't keep a charge for very long, plus I get poor service there as well.

      Is anyone else having problems with their battery life?  Or is my poor battery life primarily from a lack of good service?


      Oh and for the record, my brother had an iPhone 4 and he switched to this phone and wants to go back to the iPhone because his iPhone could make it almost 2 full days without a charge and he would only get 1-2 bars of 3G service.

      Maybe I should return my phone and go to the iPhone 4? Any thoughts?

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          My S3 seems to have decent battery life.  I charge it at night, and usually have no problem going all day.  If I play games, without it plugged in, I seem to get 4+ hours.


          The phone just came out, so expect updates.  Make sure you don;t have any battery killers like GPS on (when you don't need it that is), or active wall papers.


          From what you said above, that sounds off.  I would go into a Verizon corporate store and ask them.  When I had my DX with a similar problem, they did a battery test (I think it was making a 30min call, and checking battery life after).  They swapped out my Battery and seemed to be much better (not sure if that is standard policy, or not, but they will take care of you).


          Good luck.

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            I've been disappointed by the battery life as well. I like the phone better than the iPhone, but my wife and kids seem to get 2 days out of their iPhiones while I get about 3/4 of a day. Very disappointing.

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              Hi, I have a new S3 and the battery does not last as long as my trusty S1. However the S3 has LTE service which the S1 and the iPhone does not. The nature of LTE causes the battery to drain faster than a 3G phone. LTE is a new technology not only for us but for Verizon as well. What I mean to say is that there are many parameters that can be set on the LTE base station that are simply not used at this early stage. It is up to Verizon to tweak the cells to keep the phone from doing so may cell reselections. Each time the phone decides to reselct a cell it eats the battery.


              I trust that Verizon will tighten up the network as more LTE devices come on line and eat up network resources doing needless cell reselcetions.

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                You also forget that the iPhone display is half the size of the S3 (intentional exaggeration), the S3 uses multiple cores, and unlike the iPhone, it is a true multi-tasking phone.  The S3 would have similar battery life if it performed the same tasks as serially as the iPhone.


                I would check apps, unload anything ad-supported (pay for the non-subsidized app), and ensure Bluetooth and GS services are off if you aren't using them.  If you have a weak WiFi signal, your phone has to work harder to make that connection.  Same with your radio signal. 

                With all of that said, I easily get a full day of usage with my S3, averaging at least a daily conference call of two hours, and up to two three-hour calls, gmail, gcal, G+, and extensive Exchange email and calendar access via Touchdown.  I have used the phone extensively in my area of 3G coverage, but battery life was the same when I traveled and was in a 4G-saturated area for a few days.  I use very few non-stock apps.  No live wallpapers, no weather, social, or news widgets, etc.  Widgets can be evil juice suckers. 


                I think you can reasonably expect eight hours of usage with moderate use, including numerous phone calls, SMS, email, and Facebook and browsing in moderation.  If you are using your phone as a toy, you are watching youtube or movies for hours, or you have the screen lit constantly to check Facebook statuses, just plan on that 4.7" screen to eat up the battery fairly quickly.


                If you are new to Android, you will figure out how to use your phone to maximize battery life, just as I would no doubt require some time to adjust to the iPhone.


                I don't dim the screen much, but I think it's too bright at 100%.

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                  I get what you guys are saying, but Samsung and Verizon had to know that too. They know how we use our phones and the high and lowpoints of their system. They should have specified a larger, more capable battery ala the droid Maxx. You mention getting 8 hours. 9-5 is not so great. I have a lot of apps on mine, and my time seems to be about the same, I am reaching for the charging cord around dinner time and there is still an evening's worth of use ahead.

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                    On my S3, I keep my WiFi, BT, Mobile Data and GPS on all the time with power saving disabled. I still get a full day of battery with plenty to spare when I go to bed. The only time I put my phone on charge is overnight. The main culprits for high battery consumption are background sync and poor signal, followed by power hungry apps such as live wall paper, touch/vibrate, etc. Disable Live wall paper ... it gets boring after some time and  you can always turn it on if you want to brag to a iUser. Disable touch/vibrate and other unnecessary gimmicks. At home, make sure you place your WiFi router in an area that gives best signal to your phone and use WiFi, even if you have unlimited 4G. WiFi is just as fast for the kind of work you do on a phone - and more importantly - WiFi consumes less power. When you are mobile (out in the open), signal strength is usually very good .. if not, there is nothing much you can do about it except to use a vehicle charger if you are in a car or use some other power source if possible. If you have WiFi at work, use that instead of mobile data. If not, use OpenSignal app to get the best mobile signal. Go to Settings - Accounts and Sync and disable all syncing except  Gmail (which uses push). If you have any other email accounts, I would recommend forwarding them to gmail so that you are getting all your email from one account. If not, turn on sync for other emails one at a time. Some email providers provide more than email sync - you can disbale such components if you don't need the. If the mail service does not support push mail, it will use more battery. Check your battery usage app to see what the major culprits are. Your screen should use the most, followed by Android system and your most frequently used apps. Most apps should not consume a lot of battery. If they do, something is wrong with their setting or you have too many background apps running. Stop/Disable/Uninstall whats not required. Some apps may do their own background sync - configure such apps not to use data. An app like Avast security (free) can be used to block internet usage to apps that don't need internet

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                      All good advice.  I go all day, too.  In fact, I am going on 18 hours and I have 40% left, and I don't take any of the precautions you do.  I guess if I needed 24 hours, I would invoke power saving mode and shut down GPS, Bluetooth, haptic feedback, etc.


                      I can't really say someone is doing something wrong if they have a bunch of apps and crapware loaded, but there are trade-offs for having your favorite game running 24/7, constant twitter and Facebook checking, etc.  People use their phones differently.  I think those of us who use their phones for business more than entertainment may understand a little better as we see first hand the effects of power-hungry usage, like constant video streaming, youtube access, and Netflix.  I'll check out youtube in a pinch, but I'd rather bring my Kindle and an iPod on long flights and layovers than rely on a movie I may have downloaded. 


                      I get good battery life because I don't jack around, I've used the same four or five core apps for nearly three years, and I have a good sense for what affects my phone's performance.  I can tell immediately if an app is affecting performance and battery life (I can tell Chrome affects battery life, because it acted the same way on my S2 as the S3, so I unloaded it).  If I determine I need an app, I test it, see how it affects the device's stability, and check battery life. 

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                        turn off the wireless, and use only the data connection.... the wireless sucks the life out of my battery... I figure until they release a patch to fix it Ill just use the **** out of their data.

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                          brenca wrote:


                          turn off the wireless, and use only the data connection.... the wireless ***** the life out of my battery... I figure until they release a patch to fix it Ill just use the **** out of their data.

                          Not true.  I see virtually no difference in the battery life when I am using wifi (about 90%) and data.  I guess if you are leeching a weak wifi signal from your neighbor it might.

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