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    Razr Maxx: Infuriating Touchscreen/Keyboard issues


      Hi all,


      This issue was flagged here https://community.verizonwireless.com/thread/774479 but I want to expand it and add more detail. It has become extremely frustrating.


      • As detailed in the original thread, the keyboard becomes highly erratic and in severe episodes requires a forced reboot (volume down/power button version).
      • The first point made that the screen "jumps around" I believe is a reference to the cursor itself. THIS IS EXTREMELY COMMON AND HAS HAPPENED SINCE DAY 1. Please do not suggest rogue apps to explain this. Specifically, the cursor will literally bounce around while typing. Also, when shifting between input mode with the keyboard and full view of the text or email, the cursor does not remain where you would expect it to for any continuity in typing. It is amazing to me, but it is almost a random nearby location when switching back and forth.
      • The phone repeatedly exits input mode, closing the keyboard and then stubbornly refuses to return to input mode and reopen the keyboard. This occasionally resolves after a wait of various length or can require a reboot as well. When it does return to input mode, as per the last bullet: the cursor is wherever it wants to be, not where you would expect it to be. I have tested this many times, and it is either a bug or some bizarre functionality of the keyboard.
      • The autocorrect features are not consistent based on simple differences with your cursor move after typing a word and sometimes leave a common word misspelled for no apparent reason.


      There is more, but I can't continue right now. Help please. I shifted from the original DROID and am fairly convinced I made a bad call. I am adaptable but these input issues have caused me a ton of grief so far, and I am already shifting my reliance on the phone to avoid struggling with these problems. In fact, more than once I have spent tons of time on a longer text or an email, and had to simply give up because it was literally like being tormented by the phone.



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          I'm having the same problems on a regular Razr since the ICS update.  I always had minor keyboard issues that I felt were my fault but since the update - messages send on their own, if you  touch the alarm it will take you somewhere else, I tried to text Coke points and it dialed my credit union.  I can go on, you get the idea, nothing like sending a text to your mother in the wee hours of the morning when you are trying to text your hubby.  Don't get me started on the typos and random stuff that comes on the screen.  Typing on this this is impossible.  As we speak my husband used my phone to text himself a message and only half went through..I really am digging in my heals on hard resetting because it seems a system issue and the staff at the store tried to be helpful but ...I use every aspect of my phone, I really do, not techie but not tech stupid either, no rogue apps or recent apps since I can't soft reset to safe mode.  I'm a professional who really needs my phone back to operational status ASAP.

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            You know I've been so busy and I had been so preconditioned by the (otherwise most excellent) Verizon in store rep that Ice CreamSandwich was a GOOD thing, I ignored this as the likely cause. I got ICS shortly after purchasing, and things have gotten worse without doubt. Needs to get more attention..or I'll go back to the store and demand your 15 day return policy (which used to be a 30 day return policy for years going way back) be extended. Or rather I'll simply say I have a phone that from a text input standpoint is nearly unusable. Give me a new Droid 4. Immediately.

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              Personally I really like ICS - once I got the hang of it, a matter of a few hours on a Sunday afternoon, it's actually  more user friendly and I really like the fact it is now global roaming like my Droid Pro, and this was one thing that kept me from getting this phone on my own. I really like the sleekness and ability to fit in a small purse or inside coat pocket and dislike sliders because they always break or seem to expand and get bulky..


              I called Verizon last night and they didn't torture me, I was very clear on what I did, needed, and will be getting a refurb, which is just the way it is but in the past refurbs have worked fine. (only one a few years ago - and that really was a faulty phone - over heated and screen bulged when hot).  They are sending me the replacement phone so I can boot it up and make sure it's working before I wipe my current Razr in a hard reset to only encounter the same problems,just a  different handset.  The rep couldn't even help me get into safe mode but I did get some sort of really strange boot menu the rep wasn't familiar with. 


              I went on Motorola's website hoping there would be a simple *.... code to update but no luck.  For whatever reason I can't get into safe mode but suffice it to say while I was on the phone with the rep and tried to back out of email it took me to voice commands, I tried to set the alarm and it took me to my facebook app.  This behavior can be exactly pinpointed to the ICS update. 


              Good Luck in store.  Our corporate store which was my "go to" tried to help but they no longer have the service people  and won't swap phones unless it's within the 14 day period.   They are streamlining.  I've been using cells since early 90's (medical marketing) and Verizon since they were originally Sprint, then 360, then Alltel, then Verizon.  Had ATT for one personal/additional family phone for one year and customer service was the pits, They wouldn't send a replacement even though a one month old phone had a black screen until they sent out to diagnosis, and then decide if it was replacable under warranty.  Keep us postedl

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                Both of ya Give this a Try and See if Helps Straiten out the Issue..your experiencing if it Does not you may have to do a Factory Reset..


                These are the Instructions on Clearing the Cache Partition:  For Razr & Razr Maxx


                Top Alternate method


                1. Power the device off.
                  Note Press the Power button then select Power off.
                  Note If the device doesn't respond to input, press and hold the Volume Up / Down then press and holdPower button. When the device screen goes blank release the Power button while continuing to holdVolume Up / Down, proceed with step 3.
                2. Press and hold the Volume Up / Down then press the Power button.
                3. When presented with the Boot Mode Selection Menu release all buttons.
                4. Press Volume Down to select Recovery then press Volume Up.
                5. From the Droid triage screen, simultaneously press Volume Up / Down.
                6. Select Clear the Cache Partition then press the Power button.
                7. Select reboot system now then press the Power button.
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                  B33? Is there a way to make the cache clearing topic a sticky so it's there when someone needs the info? Seems to me a sticky would be ideal considering how often I see it pasted in here.

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                    You could probably right click on it.. To save it to your Computer or if you have a Printer you could possibly save a Copy that Way...

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                      Over on the right their is s option to make it a bookmark on your log in.


                      The admins only sticky things related to new info they post, simply look for the option on right side of page to bookmark.

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                        That true Sir.!  But i like how on lithium you could save things to top if you chose it. But this site doesn't disappoint me either it does a Fear piece in keeping our stuff..

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                          Yeah.. I'm still going through withdraw from the old sites layout but the update is starting to grow on me.

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