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      HELP........Is anyone else having an issue with Ford SYNC and their Razor since the upgrade. Verizon states that it is not their problem. It worked just fine before the upgrade. Please HELP>

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          What seems to be the problem? My Droid Razrr Maxx and my Ford Sync see each other just fine.

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            Okay, to double check, I got into my Ford Focus, had my Droid Razrr Maxx set for Bluetooth, and drove around. Clicked (pulled, touched, whatever) the Sync lever and gave the command to "Call home." Worked perfectly. Got my answering machine and left a message. With Sync, especially using the cell phone, you might say we have several entities working; Verizon (seller of the phone and provider of a network); the cell phone manufacturer (Motorola in this case); Ford Motor Company (maker of the automobile); and last, but not least, Microsoft (maker of the Sync program). In my humble opinion, Microsoft (maker of Windows Vista and several other horrible OSs) probably has the worst track record. If I was going to start pointing fingers, my first pointing would be at Microsoft. I would probably take my car to my local Ford dealer and have them check out the Sync program. I also strongly do not believe that Verizon is at fault. Remember this is a hook-up, via Bluetooth, between your phone and your car (via Sync). Hope you find the cause and have it repaired. Good luck.

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              can you get your phonebook downloaded from your phone to the Sync?