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    iCloud mail not syncing with Droid RAZR


      On July 24th, 2012 iCloud mail stopped syncronizing with my Droid RAZR.  My wife and I have identical phones, and have currently active and functional iCloud accounts on Mac. Both of our phones had functional email syncronization before AND AFTER ICS updates.  No new dowloands or settings changes have occured.  I have ensured that we are using the correct manual settings xxx@mac.com, PW, imap settings mail.mac.com, port 993, SSL


      I have tried using imap.mail.me.com and that does not work either. I tried the p07- prefix, and that too does not work. The only error it providfes is that it cannot connect to the server, and no other information is provided.


      I was on with verizon support, apple support, and motorola support and no one knows what has happened or has any solution.


      Have others encountered this problem recently? I have seen postings from last year on this, but nothing recently.


      If others have solutions, please post.