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    Switching between 4G and 3G phones


      Hello!  I often switch between my 3G iPhone and a 4G Galaxy Nexus (I'm a developer, but I'm too cheap to activate two separate lines).  I've heard that as long as I switch back to the 4G phone by midnight ET, the SIM card won't get marked as retired.  So, if I need to use the 3G iPhone, I switch using the Verizon website to the iPhone in the morning, and then switch back to the 4G Nexus before midnight. 


      This has been working fine, but lately when I switch back to the 4G Nexus, my account will be marked "Order Pending".  When that happens, my account gets frozen and I can't switch phones until it goes away.  Sometimes it lasts quite a few days, and I can't switch to the iPhone.


      Is there any way to avoid or fix this?