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    PRL Update for 3g Roaming


      My wife and I have the same phone, Droid Razr Maxx.  All settings are the same, except the PRL.  We were roaming in Calif., on Golden State Cellular. We were getting 1x internet, and I happened to walk into a cell store to ask what I should be getting.  Was told I should get 3g service. 

      When back in VZW area, her phone updated using *228 (I know - should not have but it did).  Mine did not.  She received a new PRL of 52823, and suddenly had 3g when in the Golden State Cell area. I called Golden State, and they verified 3g was the correct speed.


      My phone never updated, tried turning it on / off, pulling SIMM card, the works, all while in VZW area (not on Golden State system).  I was stuck with 1x. 


      VZW techs said replace the SIMM card, which was done.  They gave me multiple answers on multiple attempts to correct this issue.  Never once were they able to say what speed I should receive.


      Funny thing is my phone updated to ICS when I was in VZW area, but it did not change the roaming issue. 


      Anyway, ideas that this is corrected ?  Others had the same problem when roaming ?

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          Yea Updating using *228 is a Quick way to Render that Device Useless it was by luck I guess that Didn't happen. The B & S way to do the update is by being in a Good Verizon coverage Area and Shut the Device Down or do a Soft Reset and let the Unit power on it's own. Then Check for the new P.R.L code if it doesn't push while your in the Coverage area.  Use your Wife Maxx to Call Customer Service go to option 3 tech and have the Rep. push the P.R.L. usually that should Work. One thing i have suggested to many on the Post Make sure that when you pull the Sim you handle it by it's edges. They don't work to good when fingers come in contact with them. b33

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            Ok, I will answer my own question, for those that may have the same issue.


            I changed the SIM card, and my phone received a new PRL.


            Verizon never was able to answer a simple question, of what PRL was the proper one to have that would provide the 3g service.  In any event, I finally reached a tech who pushed the most latest PRL to both of our phones.  In addition, Verizon was never able to tell me why a phone that is supposed to automatically update the PRL would be out of date. 


            So, in the future, as I can't use *228 to update my PRL (better phone - right !) I will simply call Verizon, and tell them I want the latest PRL pushed to my phone. 


            On a recent trip, it worked. 

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              Verizon Wireless Customer Support

              Hi GVT2!

              I'm very glad you were able to get the PRL updated on your phone! I apologize if you were not getting the answer you needed, but I'm here for you! Please note that when powering a 4G phone off/on, the PRL updates on it's own. This also happens when removing and re-inserting the SIM, as you did. So, if you want to update your PRL when you have a 4G phone, there is no need to call us to have it pushed to the device. This will save you the call and your valuable time!


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              VZW Support
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                It Stands for  ( Preferred  Roaming  List )  PRL it's the Codes in your Phone that allow's you to Roam..



                But for a Better and slightly Longer Explanatory Method for this List:  Please follow the Link..



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                  *228 only works on 3g devices so do not try this on a 4g device...   USERS HAVE BRICKED 4G DEVICES BY TRYING THE *228 OPTION.


                  The easiest method is to restart device and allow it to update, if that dont work then removing the SIM for a few minutes and placing it back in should force the update automatically on power on..

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                    Please see my original post, and my later post in which I answer my own question.  Apparently, your never bothered to read the entire thread of discussion.  I did pull the SIM, did power down and restart, did re-boot the phone.  It didn't work, if you had bothered to read the discussion, you would know that, and not lecture me on turning on / off my phone, etc., and "saving" my time.  In all, Verizon customer service has degraded to the worse I have experienced in many years.