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    Transferring a contract


      So I just talked to Verizon to see if I could transfer a contract from one line to another. They basically said I couldn't do that. However they said it was tied to the number and not the phone.

      Would it be possible for me to change the number on the line w/ the contract and then transfer another phone over to it?


      What's going on is this: my husband has a phone w/ no contract

      I have a phone w/ a contract ending 12/12.


      I want to get out of my contract totally but he is fine with staying on his phone until the end of the year.


      So could I just change my phone number to something different (so that he doesn't get calls for me) and then transfer his phone over? Would I just cancel his line first and then transfer it over? Logistics of this?

      Problem is, I probably would have to change my number as well if I get another phone but it would be totally worth it.

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          Was just searching around the internet and apparently you can transfer your contract over to someone else. So what if I just dropped hubby's phone line totally and then went and transferred my contract over to his name?

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            Ashton Roesbery

            Yes you can do that, it is called an assumption of liability, basically what would happen is he'd take over the line and the contract and everything and it would be put into his name leaving it free of your social security number and name of everything, and it's removed from your account and you'd only receive a bill for partial usage of the phone, and be refunded what you didn't use.