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    Samsung Intensity III - Problems


      I received Samsung Intensity III from Verizon. com last Friday, and I am very frustrated.

      I thought that I was upgrading my 4-years old Samsung Sway to a new, better quality Samsung Intensity III. So far it looks like I downgraded my old Sway.

      I have been customers of Verizon for over 16 years and I have owned few Samsung phones and never had any problems.

      So far, it look like the Samsung Intensity III could be the worst cell phone I have owned.

      Problems: Drop calls while on the phone, very poor signal, my friends are saying that my voice sound like is coming from underground.


      Last night I spent few hours with Verizon tech support. We done manual resets, reactivated, dialed *228, etc., etc., etc.  Nothing helped to get a better signal or sound.

      I am now in 48 hours waiting period. Verizon is checking if there is an issue with Samsung Intensity III in my area.

      I have never had any signal issue in the past in my area. This must be something wrong with this phone.


      Samsung Intensity III was probably released at the end of June or beginning of July. It’s pretty new device. There are not too many reviews.

      I wonder if any of you, who purchased this phone, is experiencing the same problems, such as: drop calls, poor signal and terrible sound.

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          I'll be interested to know if Verizon determines there an issue with this phone in your area.


          I am also very disappointed & frustrated with my Samsung Intensity lll that I got from Verizon 10 days ago. Drops calls when I'm sitting in 1 place, not moving my hands around & checking my voice mail. At least half the time messages - & voice mail instructions voice - sound like they are breaking up. Also problems when making calls, sounds like call has dropped often. Messages I've left on my home answering machine are sometimes garbled as are the messages I'm trying to hear.


          Sitting at home & other locations where other Verizon (& other companies) phone are working, my phone can be sitting on the table by the window & signal will be 3 or 4 bars then drop to "moving out of service area" "no service" "moving into service area" 3 bars etc all within 1 min while not being touched so it's maddening to being trying to use it.


          I called Verizon support within 1st 24 hours. After checking some things, they said to take it back to Verizon store for thorough check out. Have done that twice & they made a good effort to find out what's wrong, but to no avail. They've put location on/off, removed battery, reset phone twice, etc. In the store - where they have a tower - I have 4 bars. In parking lot 3 or 4 bars & calls to my home answering machine or voice mail can still be garbled.


          I've asked if it could just be a bad phone. Friends who have older Samsung Intensitys don't have the phones I do & we are in the same area. I will be taking this one back & either just going back to my old phone that doesn't work any worse than my new Intensity lll & delaying a replacement until I can figure out what else to try. maybe if offered I would try another Intensity lll. Working properly - and as one would expect a new phone to do - this is all the phone I need & the right size & fits with my hike etc.

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            On Monday, I have exchanged my phone in the VZW store.

            I came home with a new piece and late evening I charged the battery to their full capacity. During the night the phone was in a standby mode. I woke up the phone after approx 9 hours (nobody touched the phone, there was no need to use) and I found that the battery was nearly discharged. 

            Yesterday, again, I went to the store. They changed the battery and gave me a new charger. I charged the battery last night and this morning I found that the battery is still fully charged. Ok. Great. One problem is solved, but another one showed up.

            Today, everybody, with whom I was on the phone, was telling me that sometimes my voice sound like I was distant from the phone.



            I really need my life back.  Since 7/20, the day when the first piece of **** arrived, I am dealing with VZW customer services, tech support, and VZW employees (Dana, Jack and Munir – at least they are very nice and helpful people) at my local store.

            Tomorrow I need to call tech support – again!  They must check why my voice sometimes is disappearing.

            I am exhausted by this “UPGRADE”.

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              Some people who had an LG Cosmos Touch reported a similar complaint about the battery being nearly discharged the next day. It was thought that this was being caused (partly) by an application pre-installed on the phone called Daily Scoop turning on in the middle of the night.


              Daily Scoop is still pre-installed on phones including the Intensity III.


              If your Intensity III becomes nearly discharged again, I found instructions for how to remove/delete Daily Scoop from the phone:


              "How do I cancel Daily Scoop?"


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                D R wrote:


                Tomorrow I need to call tech support – again!  They must check why my voice sometimes is disappearing.


                I have an idea about why this is happening. Some people who own the Casio Ravine reported that their voice is hard to hear by the person they're talking to. The microphone on the Casio Ravine is located below the hinge, and therefore some people's faces are (partly) covering the microphone and this is why they're hard to hear.


                So I thought that maybe the microphone on the Intensity III might be located in an awkward place on the phone. I looked at these high resolution pictures of the Intensity III, and I do not see a microphone hole anywhere.

                - (1)  http://cache.vzw.com/images_b2c/phones/high_res/sam_intensity3_black.jpg

                - (2) http://images.bestbuy.com/BestBuy_US/images/products/5757/5757086le.jpg



                Page 19 of the manual for the Intensity III claims that the microphone is located below the asterisk key.




                So I looked again at those images, and I still do not see where the microphone hole is.


                Maybe the microphone on the Intensity III is located in an unusual place, and maybe your hand is accidentally covering the microphone causing the other person to have a harder time hearing you.

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                  Thanks for your reply.

                  I had Daily Scoop pre-installed on my phone, but I called VZW tech support to get rid of this garbage as soon as I noticed them (driving from VZW store to my house), so the battery was discharged overnight without having Daily Scoop. In my case, it was a bad battery.


                  VZW tech support showed me how easy is to remove Daily Scoop from Samsung Intensity III:

                  Main Menu - Media Center – Browse & Download – OK – Highlight ‘Daily Scoop’ – Option – Erase.

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                    In my case, it is not caused by the placement of the microphone.

                    When I walk and talk on the phone, whoever is on the other side tells me that my voice stars to walk away. But I hear that person the same.

                    The VZW tech supp need to check this. I didn’t have time to call them yet.

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                      I just came back from the VZW store with the third phone - Samsung Intensity III.

                      With the first one, I was experiencing drop calls and terrible sound. The phone has been replaced on Monday.

                      With the second phone, after first night in standby mode, the battery was almost discharged. The battery and the charger have been replaced on Tuesday.

                      Since Tuesday I spent hours with VZW tech support to fix cracking voice and windy noise in the background. At the end I was told that it might be problem with the phone and I should go to the store and replace the phone.

                      Now I am charging the battery and keeping my fingers crossed that those other problems did not occur.

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                        I've been told the sound isn't great on mine but the real problem with it is that despite apparently successfully pairing with several Bluetooth devices, it won't connect with any of them. Samsung says the problem is with the devices I'm trying to pair it with, including a Samsung headset, rather than suggesting there's any sort of problem with the Intensity III. I'm sending the one week old phone back and will be replacing it with an LG.