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    Excessive data usage on a LG Vortex


      Vortex phone in past couple of months starting using/pulling data that is putting me over my 150mb limit.  Phone has no additional apps other than the ones on the phone installed by Verizon.  Phone is barely used.  I shut data off. With new billing cycle I put data on for 5 days, data usage was 25mb.  Phone was not being used to access the internet, play games, download songs etc.  Called Verizon, tech rep essentially called us liars and said we were on the internet for 4 hours at 3 am and again on the internet for another 4 hours at 6 pm.  Not the case.  There is another identical Vortex phone in the house; this Vortex phone is not using/pulling that amount of data.  What is going on with the data usage of the problem Vortex phone?  What can I do to lessen the data usage other than turning the data off.  Any hints on what to look for. 

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          Hi Cubby

          I'm very sorry your having issues with your Vortex and the bad customer service you received. I want to get this fixed immediately!

          It sounds like an app may be running on the device. Please try un checking the sync options under: menu>settings> Accounts & sync  and retest.

          If that fails please power the device in safe mode and retest. Here's a link for safe mode: http://support.verizonwireless.com/clc/devices/knowledge_base.html?id=36834

          Please let me know if this helps!

          Thank you

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            You are a day late and dollar short.  I had found the sync option and turned it off after I posted my problem.  With the sync off, the data plan is not being used.  The phone only has the installed apps, no apps were installed by me.  One of the installed apps is obviously defective and pulling the data. 

            I am extremely disappointed with the Verizon techs.  First I was accused of using the data.  After finally convincing the tech that the phone was not being used, I was promised a replacement phone.  Tech failed to notice that phone was over a year old and not eligible.  Fine.  But no phone call to alert me of error.  Was waiting for replacement phone.  Made another call.  Again accused of using data.  Tech showed me how to shut off data.  End of discussion.  I had to find out on my own that I can shut off the sync.  This solved the problem.  The tech should have showed me how to shut off the sync and still keep the data option on.   I also noticed from other people's blogs that this extreme data usage by syncing is not a new or unheard of complaint. 

            Joel, I appreciate that you had the best solution, although I had already discovered it.  Since I am only letting the phone sync a couple days on my billing cycle,  I am not going over the data plan.  I saw your instructions about safe mode, but no instructions on how to put the various apps back on to determine which app is the problem.  My plan renews in 2 months, so I will get another phone then and live with the sync off.  Please pass my poor experience with your phone techs to the powers to be.  The phone techs need more training.