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    Motorola Razr Maxx - Replacement Battery


      Up for renewal in a couple of days, torn between the S3 and Razr Maxx.  I generally am partial to Motorola, also have heard good things about the Maxx battery life.  One concern was about the Maxx battery not being removable. 


      In general, I don't have good experiences with an original battery being fully functional for the 2 year life of the phone.  With regular use, charging it overnight or when its drained, have found batteries die much quicker after a year or so.  Usually this is no big deal, just buy a replacement battery when the original goes bad.  However with the Maxx, don't know if this is an option.


      Is the battery replaceable in this phone?  If not by me, by Verizon tech support?

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          You bring out a good point that a lot of smartphone shoppers have in the back of their minds.  Battery life is one thing that is important, especially with screen displays getting bigger and bigger.  As far as Motorola intended, the battery is permanetly sealed in the Razr Maxx.  Removing it will probably void your warranty.  However, the battery life is very good with this model. 


          It is worthy to note, a lot other smartphones are made with permanent (sealed) batteries.  One big example is the Motorola Droid 4. another is the iPhone.  I did read somewhere that Apple will replace the battery for you for a fee.  I hope this answers your question about the Razr Maxx's battery. 



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            But the Maxx can be sent in for Repair for Free if there under Warranty and For a $49.99 + Tax..they can be Sent in and Repaired with a 5 day Turn Around) there is a little Quicker turn around for a Step up in Price .. Check out the Info in the Blue for More..b33


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              You can hold the power button and the down volume button simultaneously. That is similar to pulling the battery. As for getting a new battery, take it to you local Verizon store and their tech can exchange batteries. I have no idea of what, if any, the fee would be, probably the cost of a replacement battery.

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                The Sealed batteries on the Maxx, Razr, Droid 4 etc... can be replaced by Motorola and NOT void your warranty.

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                  The only issue I see with having Motorola replacing the battery is that the user has to be without a device until the device gets repaired and returned.


                  If a user has a warranty I am sure that if they take it to the store they can get a replacement device shipped to their home under their warranty.

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                    B33, thank you for letting me and others know about replacing the battery.  I figured there was probably a way to do it.  Also, thanks to Jakeman1 for the info about it not voiding the warranty.  Mortb is correct about simulating the battery pull.  That is one thing every Blackberry owner knows about, LOL.  I remember having to do the battery pull thing at least every other day on some of my older BB devices.  Thanks to all who replied to this thread to update us.



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                      This is correct. If you have the extended warranty, You could opt to run it through the warranty at I believe $75 for the phone and you would have a replacement phone in a few days. Sending the phone to Motorola is about a 2 week turn around time with shipping the work and return shipping.

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                        Your Welcome Doc:  And this is my first phone that the (battery couldn't be removed by Me) Actually Two of them i should have said i got my second Maxx first and foremost as a back up for my first Maxx it if was to Succombe having an issue or if the Battery needed replaced but i have been using my second a little more than i was going to a first. I loaded it with I.C.S and put it threw a little more than i was going to. But i was use to doing battery pulls as that's what we did especially as as i got in to the more elaborate phones Like when i had my BB's but i can remember doing batt. Pulls as far as 1994 when i had my first Nokia.. i can still remember that thing i could change out the Covers it had an antenna that you could pull out on it for better range. It was Cool..b33

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                          Your Droid is like your computer in every way except it runs off the battery and is not plugged in 90% of the time So, the least amount of things you have it do automatically the longer your battery will last. plug it in when you want to update or download, charges your phone and updates at same time and restrict background data this will also help with battery life.

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