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    Mobile hotspot not working


      For the past few days I have not been able to turn on the mobile hotspot feature, when I click to turn it on the screen pops up saying tethering/processing & about turning off after so many min of inactivity then it goes off & won't let me press it again, went to setting under wireless networks & it says "error" under the mobile hotspot button, I also looked under my plan & I am still paying for it

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          Click menu, settings, applications, manage applications, all, and then scroll to tetherguard and force stop.  Remove battery,  discharge by holding power button for 10-15 seconds with battery out.  Replace battery and restart phone.  Retry mhs initiation.  Mhs does not function with wifi on but it should prompt you and turn it off automatically.

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            Ok, I did all that and it still isn't working,  I have 4g so I have never used the wi-fi on my phone, the mhs is still saying error
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              Have you gotten it to work for you before?

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                Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                Good morning Heidichristina,

                In my opinion, the mobile hotspot feature is one of the BEST ways to stay connected while on the go! I use this feature to provide web access for my iPad! lemew asked a GREAT question! Have this feature ever worked for you? The steps that lemew provided are excellent suggestions. Also, what make and model Android device do you have? If the mhs still isn’t working then the next step is to perform a hard reset. As always, we suggest backing up your personal info prior to completing the reset. Once you have provided us with the model of your device then I can share a link with the steps on how to do the reset.

                Thank you…

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