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    Samsung Stratosphere won't charge?- Please help!


      I had a samsung stratosphere for 7 months and all of the sudden it wouldnt turn on and flashed the android startup symbol, so i called verizon and they sent me a new one since it was under warranty. now, with my new phone i received yesterday, it wont hold a charge. i used the charger it came with and it will not even turn on anymore. i have tried other chargers and cords, and taken out my battery, but it will not work. i dont know what to do? it's supposed to be a new phone! is it my battery, charger, or phone??

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          If you have tried other compatible charges, I would say the phone. However, it may only be that you have a faulty battery. I would take it to your local Verizon store to have the battery swapped out.

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            Verizon Wireless Customer Support

            Hello elizabeth14,

            The last thing we want as your service provider is for you to be unable to enjoy your wireless service! Please accept my heartfelt apology as I know that it’s difficult to go without communication these days. May I ask has this issue been resolved? If so then that great! If not then I would love the opportunity to help! In either case, a reply message would be appreciated as I am eager to know the status or the outcome of this issue!

            Thank you…

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              I am having the exact same problem...2nd battery, 2nd charger, and no luck...32 hours of charging and only 3% battery life.  WHat to do??? Frustrating!

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                Whats frustrating is having a phone that you can't use!!! This is the 2nd phone that they sent out (refurbished, of course) and we're constantly having the same issues as the first one! We hear this "electrical sound" during calls and its strange! So they sent out a phone as a replacement. Well, the problem started happening again and per the guys at VZ store they said this is a KNOWN problem with this phone and for us to just take the sims card out for a few minutes and put back in. Yea, this does NOT work....problem is constant. Now - we go back to the store last night and tell them about this issue and he said "sounds like a connection issue"...and all he did was replace the Sims card.  Well, NOW our phone will not even CHARGE!! WTH! we put this phone on several chargers and nothing will charge it, no lights, its so dead it won't even turn on.

                I just got off the phone with VZ and he said to we might have to turn it back off and on a few times before the actual sims card activates. So....can anyone answer WHY it won't charge now?! I know if they send us a phone that will be another refurbished one and even though these phones are said to go thru a 100 point inspection blah blah blah - nothing is actually FIXED!!!

                so frustrated and so ready to give up on VZ! like seriously - i know they put the blame on apps now-a-days, but stand behind your phones, you are the ones selling them at outrageous prices and no longer offering any type of deals (i.e. new every two and now your taking away the people who were grandfathered in with the unlimited data).  I just don't know. Guess its just easier to cancel service and start with someone else or go back to the old school days and get a house phone.

                You make me very sad, VZ, especially for being with you all when you were AirTouch! I think my 12+ year long commitment might be coming to a close................

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                  SlowlyLosingFaith, I am right there with you!  I posted yesterday in the thread "My Samsung Stratosphere is Overheating, Draining Battery" because that's what's happening to mine right now.  No reply from VZ Help as of yet.  IS ANYBODY OUT THERE????  And I have to be on-call for work.  I NEED my phone to work - for my job!


                  My phone is a replacement from the insurance, too.  My original Stratosphere from VZ worked great!  Unfortunately, I dropped it on a *carpeted* floor and the screen shattered (on carpet?  Really?).  So I had to get a new one.  I haven't had this one very long and it's been very buggy.  This overheating/not holding a charge just started two days ago.  I have tried 2 different batteries, 2 different chargers, I've tried from work and from home to charge it (so it isn't the wiring in the house, either) - to no avail.


                  HELP, VERIZON!!!

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                    YES!! i feel your frustration! I called again today to just cancel my line

                    because of this and of course they will then start to help with any way

                    they can to avoid losing you.  So they asked me to go back to the store and

                    have them replace the battery - not sure this will "cure" the problem but

                    we'll try.  I did ask them to adjust my bill for the week of not being able

                    to use my phone.  If the battery is not the issue then they said they will

                    send another phone, yes - another refurbished phone.  The Stratosphere is

                    not a bad phone - i really like it when it works! I just told the lady on

                    the phone from VZ that its not the service i get so frustrated about its

                    the fact its so HARD For them to back their phones up! That's all i'm sure

                    we all would like, if our NEW phone goes wrong due to a defect or something

                    then replace it with a NEW phone - that is WHY we pay the amount we do!

                    I don't know....

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                      I feel your frustration as well. Just wondering if you ever got a resolution to your problem? I loved my stratosphere at first but after about 18 months I'm having serious problems with mine not charging and turning itself on. Can't afford to pay the replacement fee under the insurance... well more like I don't want to. It's as much as I paid for the phone when I fist got it after renewing my contract and discounts. I can't up grade for about 6 more months. Not that I see why it matters since they did away with the "new in two" deal. This is my only phone for business or personal use. Had my home phone disconnected to lower my bills in the tough economy. I never really had any problems with VZ service just the phone! Looks like they would realize there ARE issues with the stratosphere..... I sure have seen a lot of complaints!