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    4g lte connection not working


      I have had my Samsung Galaxy S3 for about 2 weeks. durring that time i was always in 4g lte for the most part. now i only get 3g service when i was getting solid 4g lte. why did it work for 2 weeks then all of a sudden stop connecting in places i know have perfect 4g lte connection?

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          I'm getting the same thing since Wednesday.  What's up Verizon?

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            This just in from VZW Tech level 2:


            Samsung is aware of the issue and is rushing a patch for the S GIII.  This affects phones on the CDMA/LTE platform.  It will be out no later than October 1.  It has to do with the phone's ability to switch between 1G/3G/4G automatically.

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              Oct 1? sure doesnt seem like a rush. the 3g service that comes in now on the SG3 is worse and slower than the 3g i used to get on my HTC Incredible. how nice of verizon to sell a phone that doesnt even work. what the **** am i paying for if the service doesnt even work.

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                you would hope with the amount of money we paid for the phone and service that we are NOT getting that they would at least offer us some sort of refund. they are pretty good with my internet and credits for loss of service lets hope their wireless division is just as good

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                  Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                  Mattyshore, I can see why you would be upset over suddenly not having 4G connection. Has your connection come back? If not, what city and state are you located in? If you haven't already, try removing your battery and SIM card for about 30 seconds and replace. If you downloaded any new apps, especially battery saver or antivirus apps, around the time this stopped working, please uninstall.

                  Let me know if you still need assistance.

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                    4G LTE was turned on last Thursday where I live in the 49015 zip in Michigan. I can call and send text with low signal in 3g 1 bar (as low as -110 dBm) just fine in a big office building in their basement, but can not hold a good signal in LTE. I can walk down the street and get 5 bars (-78dBm) and walk just 300 feet more, and my signal will drop to 1-2 bars (-108dBm), or completely change to 3g, and yet my surroundings did not change. It is like this not only in my zip code, but all over the city and area in which I live. I have only installed the speed test app. Tried 2 different resets. Taken the SIMS card out. Been into the Verizon store and have also called customer support. I was told that no one was aware of any signal reception issues like this.

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                      After talking to Verizon technical support about the issue numerous times, they decided I should try a new SIM card. And now, the phone works much better. Much better in fact, that in comparing to the Razr, the S3 phone has much clearer call quality, and even better signal reception, and higher upload and download speeds

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                        I have been down that road as well.  I had the sim card replaced a month ago now, and for a while, I was getting good signal strength both 3g and 4g.  Now I am noticing a drop off again.  I live 3 miles from a 4g tower and even outside standing in the middle of the street with nothing but blue skies over head, the best I can do is 3g for the most part.

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                          If anything go to a Verizon wireless store and get a new sim card. Will fix the issue almost 99% of the time

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