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    Droid wont go past htc screen


      I was looking at a website last night (TMZ) and it froze up my phone. I couldnt lock my phone or anything. The screen just stayed up and i couldnt do anything but take the battery out for it to go away. I started the phone back up and now it wont go past the htc startup screen. I have taken the battery out for a minute. I left it on the charger overnight. and still the samething, it vibrates to come on and then the htc screen. Is there anything I can do?

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          My phone did the exact same thing to me this morning! After removing the battery it cycled between the HTC and DROID screens, one after the other. I preformed a factory reset (remover battery, hold volume down key, press and release power button [while holding volume down] ) Now my phone wont receive service to reactivate it, even though I've done factory resets in the past!  I hope we both can get some answers!

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            Before doing a factory reset, try removing the sdcard and booting up without it.  If that doesn't work, a factory reset would be the next step.

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              I ended up taking it to a Verizon store and they shipped me a new one the next day. They werent sure what was wrong with it but then they didnt really look into what was wrong with it to begin with.

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                Just take a hammer to your phone. I've been doing factory resets for the past year on my DROID HTC (so "quietly brilliant," it's stupid). Last Friday, 7/13/2012, my phone started getting stuck in this HTC cycle without any possibility of doing a hard reset anymore. The HTC phone is clearly a rushed-to-market phone and Verizon provides no support whatsoever. I took it into the Verizon store today to see if they could do anything, and nothing. So a week w/o phone service and nothing they can do for me.


                If you have to stay in your contract, your best option is to get an old Verizon compatible phone and activate it to use instead. I'm going to go with an early termination fee b/c I can't stand Verizon anymore.