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    Galaxy S3 shattered after owning it for 4 hours


      After Verizon has taken literally thousands and thousands of dollars from me over the last decade, the Galaxy S3 is the last straw.  I bought this phone 2 days ago and the screen shattered less than 5 hours after having it.  Yes, it dropped from about 12 inches high, but it is ridiculous that a cell phone is this fragile and Verizon nor Samsung will stand up behind their product.  A cell phone falling off of a table in my living room onto carpet is not abuse, nor is it something that is unexpected to happen.  I have the "flagship" android phone from verizon that was just released and it looks like garbage already.  This is unacceptable. 


      PLEASE, DO NOT GET THIS PHONE!  I have been a customer with Verizon for over 10 years with a $200 family plan per month and the only option they gave me is to upgrade another line on my plan and pay another $199 + upgrade fee + taxes + extend another lines contract to replace a phone I had for less than a day.  I have been through many smart and non-smart phones and never have I ever seen a phone that literally shatters with minimal use.  This is obviously not an isolated incident...if you google S3 broken glass there are thousands of results.

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