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    LG Lucid - transfer music


      I was able to transfer music to my phone, but when I into the music player, shows me 2 'folders' each with music in them.  I know that the 2nd folder has the music that I added to the micro SD card but I tried to add more to it last night but was unable to.  how do i transfer the songs i just added to my phone to the microSD?

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          Hello arkitek! I can assist you with transfering your music. I would suggest moving the music from your phone to your PC, creating a new folder. Then transfer the music from the PC to your SD card. Let me know if that helps! ^CM

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            This is the very reason I am on the support boards today!


            Could you please enlighten me HOW you were able to sync music from your source to your phone?


            I have music saved in my PC and would like to upload it to my Lucid.  I thought it might just be a matter of taking out the SD card and putting in the one that I used in my old Blackberry, only to find that there is a different kind of SD card being used in the Droid line that is not the same size as the standard SD cards that are interchangable! 


            Help, please?  I have another question as well, but I believe it is for a different board on the forums, so I will look for that place to ask it.


            With thanks. 

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              OP, don't want to confuse you - but first thing first you need to know the difference between "transferring" and "syncing" your media library. Transferring would be to simply copy and paste your music / media library onto a storage location in the phone (internal or external) without the computer keeping track of what has been transferred to the device.


              Syncing on the other hand is done through as application on the host (such as windows media player). The application keeps track of what has been transferred to the device - so both the libraries are in *SYNC*.


              Now, you may not care what method you use and simply want to be able to listen to songs on your phone. That brings the question: what file format do your music files use? Are they mp3s, AACs? Lucid can't play all types of music files.


              One thing that I can tell you for certain: Android OS does NOT require that you put your music in a specific folder. As long as it's a file format supported by the device, you can have the files ANYWHERE in the internal storage or an external SD card - the music app will find the songs.


              Just connect your phone to your PC using the sync cable, choose "Mass Storage" as the connection type and both internal and external (if an SD card is present) will show up on your PC's device list. From there you can just drag and drop the music files to either location.

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                Thank you!


                I'm sure I didn't use the proper terminology, so thank you.


                I will try what you suggest to see if it works.  This is a terrific suggestion!



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                  In general, it could be helpful for you to create a Music sub-directory on your micoSD card and place your .MP3 content there.


                  I would suggest you download a different media player app like MixZing Basic or something like that. I recommend that one because it will download album art, but it also has an equalizer.


                  Generally getting music to your phone is as simple as plugging your phone into the USB cable which is connected to your PC. The microSD card should show up as a drive on your PC if it is recognized properly. You may have to go into Menu | Settings | Connectivity and select Default Connection Mode = Mass Storage.


                  Then it is simply a matter of dragging and dropping your content onto the phone from the PC.


                  Now if you are feeling adventurous: you might want to consider moving files over WiFi if you have a router at home. Advantage: you don't need to use your USB cable!

                  To do so, download SwiFTP from the Market/Play Store onto the phone. Download Filezilla from the web onto the PC. Start SwiFTP and use the IP address in the FileZilla program to make a connection and drag and drop without a physical connection!


                  You can try various syncing programs, but I recommend you just rip your CDs to pull apart the .MP3s, then move them to the phone via drag and drop.


                  Yes, there are programs that will let you download video content onto your phone, so you could have your favorite music video where ever you go. However, I wouldn't go violating copyrights. Just move the content you own onto the phone.

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