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        I am curious what percentage of people with problems go onto the internet to look to see if their cell phone provider is not being honest with them. I suspect only about 1% of people with these kinds of problems bother to go beyond the service providers responses to their issues. That would explain why it seems there are so few people appending to these forums when we know there should be lots of people having this problem. Too many just take what Verizon (or other carriers') tech support says as the gospel, or perhaps they return the phone and only their service provider is then aware of the issue they had. Since I returned my Galaxy S III, I don't feel it appropriate for me to contact the BBB, but that sounds like a good idea given that we've heard both Verizon Wireless and Samsung acknowledge there is a problem and yet we continue to hear from people who are told this problem is unknown to either company and it must not be a widespread problem. This is clearly a problem with how technical support is being handled in these companies if known issues data bases are either not provided for searching by their tech support, or they are and they just lie about it.

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          I have same issue with my s3. Already went through 2 sim cards and two phones, still having same issue with "No Sim Card". Verizon fix this!!!!

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            After three days I began having the "no service" and "insert sim card" messages.  The message always goes away when i restart the phone and then service is restored.  However, it could be minutes or hours before I lose service/sim card again.  Verizon replaced the sim card twice, and then tried to replace the phone but corporate refused because it is a "known issue".  I called Samsung and they deny any knowledge of the problem.  They want me to send my phone in for repair (it is only 8 days old!!!).  Yeah... I am going to send in an 8 day old phone for repair.  Sure.  I don't need my phone.  Are they serious?  Yet Verizon is still selling these every day and they DON"T WORK!!! 


            I would also like to add that the Verizon store manager in Cape Coral, Florida actually told me that I should expect some problems with a newly released model.  Hello?  The phone totally stops working every hour or two and only can be fixed by discovering it is not working and then restarting it.  I'm sorry but a phone that doesn't work is not what I expect from any phone that is released into the market (especially one as highly touted as this!!).

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              I just bought one of these phones as well and periodically have the same problem.  Very frustrating.  This needs to be addressed immediately by Verizon/Samsung or whomever and It I think we should be compensated for our troubles.  I use this phone all day for business and I have calls that drop in the middle of the conversation or times when I have to wait for my signal to return so i can even make a call.


              CMON VERIZON WIRELESS!!!  I have spent tens of thousands of dollars over the years with you!!!!!    Pretend I matter

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                Well here is a work-around until VZW figures this out or loses my business.  When sending a text, click 'add slide' to send the text as a mms.

                   Today I am in  different state and the phone works wonderful.

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                  It only happens if you are in a 3 bar or less 4G region, if you're in a 4 or 5 bar region, or just a 3G region, you'll think the phone is just great!  At least until you try to use it elsewhere.

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                    I'm growing tired of this nonsense. I started a petition on http://www.change.org/petitions/verizon-wireless-samsung-galaxy-s3-no-sim-error. I don't know where this is going to get us but at least maybe then, Verizon will acknowledge us as customers and do the right thing. Please sign it and pass it along.

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                      I am too growing tired, jumped through hoops to keep my unlimited, and now i can't even use it. Of course they are going to deny it, but they are a multi-billion dollar corp, if they wanted to they could pull the resources to find an answer quickly. The weird part is that its not any major news provider, which is crazy because this phone was suppose to take down the Iphone. Need to get their attention; Anyone play Diablo III? if your a geek you know what i mean.

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                        Your 4G LTE signal strength does not seem to make a difference. In my work building I could see the cell tower from the window and I had 4-5 bars of 3G plus LTE and it still would go "So SIM" when I tried to send a text or make a call or receive one. I found it had more to do with the traffic on the tower more than anything as I could make calls early morning before most people were at work or late in the day after most people had left work, but never during the day time. Internet via LTE worked all the time. The bars only show 3G (voice and text) signal strength.

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                          This exactly what I'm seeing with my phone.

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