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        Its just bad programming and software issues they couldn't nail. the newest

        modem release seems to have finally hit the target.

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          How do i get the newest modem right now on 4.0.1?   I want VRL15 but i only

          see it for 4.1.1...



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            Three days in to using the RAZR HD sent as a replacement for the S III and not a single issue. Verizon could save their network techs a lot of time and trouble by not sending them out to chase down an issue that lies with the phone.


            I hope the rest of you get a resolution soon. The S III is pretty cool and does a lot of things well, too bad it doesn't work as a phone.


            I've had 3 4G LTE Samsung phones on Verizon; Droid Charge, Galaxy Nexus, and lastly the Galaxy S III. All 3 of them have had issues involving a radio.

            The Charge was a bluetooth issue, wouldn't pass audio with cutting in or out. Was never resolved as far as I'm aware.

            Galaxy Nexus, radio disconnect issues which caused severe battery drain and caused the phone to get very hot. Corrected with a replacement.

            Galaxy S III, well you all know the story here.


            I'm done with Samsung for sure and possibly Verizon.

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              Looks like another update just came out, VRBLJ1.  Gonna give it a test run later today, supposedly this may be the official jelly bean update!

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                After a weekend with VRBLJ1, I'm not having any No SIM issues with this build either.  So it looks as though verizon & samsung has indeed fixed the issue with these latest Jelly Bean updates.  I feel bad for those that just switched over to Motorolas, because like some of them I thought this was the best smartphone I've ever used except for this 1 issue.  Lets hope verizon makes these updates official soon so everyone else can get their hands on them, then we can all call in and demand account credits for the absolute insanity we've had to put up with since release thru when the update becomes available.

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                  Glad to hear that it's finally getting resolved. I was one of the ones who was monitoring the situation. Didn't want to get the S3 until I heard something good. When the Motorola came out, I really liked the Razr HD so ended up getting it. I really do love it, so I'm not sorry that I mad the decision. I spoke to Motorola Customer Service before I bought it. The difference between Motorola CS and Samsung was night & day. My old phone was a Galaxy series Samsung. They had promised the 2.2 update within 3 months after I bought it the week it came out. Got the update 15 months later and I downloaded it within 24 hours of the release. The release had corrupted files, and everyone who got the download had to do a factory reset. Samsung lied about it of course. The Tech 2 guy I finally got told me the truth. I had planned to get the S3 when the SIM issue was resolved, but after talking to Motorola decided to go that way. I got my Razr HD the day of the launch. I bought it from Motorola instead of Verizon. It's been a great phone for me so far and actually like the size better for me. I also liked the white cosmetic:} The battery is awesome and I have the Razr not the Razr Maxx. JB is supposed to come out soon, but it's **** fast with just the ICS. Anyway, I might be done with Samsung, since Motorola has much better CS and I was also able to get replacement coverage for less than Verizon's and Moto will replace with a NEW phone, not refurbished. Glad the S3 is working out for everyone with the update but you don't have to feel bad for us:} At least speaking for myself I'm very happy:}}

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                    Lol, don't feel sorry for us djjaeger, I couldn't be more happier since the swap. I did like the S3 but I'm not sad I switched over to Motogoogle. So far the phone has been working great right out the gate. I'm glad Samsung and VZW finally got their act straight and may have finally released an update that will fix the issue. For the size and magnitude of both companies, I'm still baffled as to why it took so long to resolve. Makes me question the rest of Samsung's line of devices and VZW's lack of concern.

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                      Well I didn't believe it at first but I think they have finally resolved this issue!


                      First of all I'll give you some background.  This is pertaining to the Samsung Galaxy S3 issue known as the "No Sim Error" where intermittently your phone will fail to send text messages or make and receive phone calls.  When this failure happens, the phone displays "No Sim" at the top and you lose connectivity with the network briefly.  The problem is location based.  ie only certain areas are affected.  This issue only pertains to the Samsung GS3 and only these specific symptoms.  If your phone or symptoms are different then this is not your issue.  I had actually planned to post a detailed synopsis of all the information I've compiled but that would appear to be unnecessary now that a solution has actually been found.


                      The following is a paraphrased quote from a level 1 Verizon tech who by his own admission did not himself understand what he was reading to me. 


                      "There are 2 crossbands (data formats if you will) called TCA and 1XRTT.  These crossbands are used in communication with the towers and the manufacturer's default distance threshold for these settings was incorrectly set on the GS3.  They reduced the distance threshold to half a mile and this should fix your issue".


                      This fix was not a software patch but according to the tech was a config change they made on my account that overrode the Samsung factory default setting.  I don't pretend to know exactly what that means but I can tell you that today is the first day since I've owned this phone that I cannot get it to fail.  I do not know if you will have to call in to get them apply this configuration change or if they will push it out to all GS3 owners.  I hope this is the beginning of the end of these problems with the Galaxy S3.

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                        So i just got off with a level 4 technician. Yeah, Thats apparently a manager. After spending 40 minutes trying to persuade me into resetting my phone and or replace my sim card. I told him that this isn't going to work and i want all my money back.

                        He then gets into a discussion about replacing it with a new phone like the razor.


                        So i bought brand new galaxy s3 400$ smart phone as it just came out to be submerged in tons of problems. No sim card issue to be exact. I have a razor headed to me right now. Apparently an iPhone is out of the question? You guys ******* me for hundreds of dollars and you cant give me an iPhone? Are you kidding me?. As a loyal Verizon customer for over 2 DECADES and over 8 lines.


                        I'm tired of this merry-go-round shannigans and about to terminate my contacts.

                        No, your software update didn't do anything.

                        Yes, im very angry you guys ******* me out of a phone and thinking shoving me replacements is "ok".


                        Maybe the BBB and a court case will settle this for good. Its depressing just to say that.

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                          ok so i had the s3 16gig blue phone  i was having the same problems as all of you the update didn't help either other than get rid of the no sim error.... but i still couldnt make or receive calls in certain Areas. i drive truck for UPS for a living. I travel the WHOLE 81 Corridor from NY to Tennessee and Interstate 40 from Tennessee to California. and also route 70/76 from Harrisburg, pa to st Louis mo. i need to have my phone on at all times because calls we have to make at certain terminals....MY PHONE WONT WORK WHEN I NEED IT TO.... so after replacing 2 phones they started a trouble ticket..which they came back and told me it was my phone...so they sent me a brand new phone not a refurb as i would not take anything less..so after a month and a half and three phones and one sim card later i was ****** it still didn't work to make calls in certain areas again kept getting messages like Us cellular your service provider wont let you make this call.. ALL i could call was 611.. so i started bugging them to make my calls for me when i needed to....they dint but certainly got my point across...so after no help from Verizon i switched phone with my wife she has a Motorola Razor the first one.....THAT PHONE ALSO DOES THE SAME THING.....Can anyone help me!?!?! i have new sim cards and everything switched phones...now i have to carry two phones so i can make sure i have something that will work...


                          by the way i had a thunderbolt since the first day it came out up untill i bought the S3 and i never ever ever had any problems!!!