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        Thanks so much for posting this. I'm going to check out the Razr M. I've been holding off on the S 3 beacause of the sim card issues. The Razr M seems to be the answer. I thought about the iPhone but really don't like it. I'm an Android person. Some people have been reporting that their Razr M phone has just quit working. Please post anything about the Razr M. Good or bad. Thanks!

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          is the no sim error isolated to the white versions mainly? I have the blue 16gig version and mines working fine however a friend of mine has the white version and he has the no sim error and the latest update didn't correct the problem, so as it looks right now the white versions seem to have the error mostly.

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            Mine is blue and I've had the issue

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              Just wanted to confirm what some others have posted here.  This does appear to be a bad batch of devices.  Both my son and a coworker recently bought the GS3 and they have no issues.


              Apparently the problem may be fixed by Samsung if you send your phone off for 2 weeks or so without replacement but I've not heard enough confirmation on that one to completely believe it.  This bad batch of phones comprised pretty much all of Verizon's starting stock.  Verizon gets it's certified like new stock from people returning phones, which is probably why replacing your phone with a CLN device does not typically help.


              I can also confirm that replacing SIM card and performing Factory Resets do not resolve the issue.


              Lastly, I can confirm that when sending a text, if you convert the message to MMS type then it works fine.  (while typing your message, hit settings button, then Add Slide and Send.  This converts message to MMS type)

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                So I havent gotten the No Sim Error yet after the G7 update but I did notice that I now receive a "Service Unavailable" message when I check for software updates.  My last successful check was on Sept. 28, my wife's S3 was able to check updates until last week.  Now she is getting the same message as me. 


                From what I've reading online, the only way to resolve the Service Unavailable is to replace the Sim card! lol.  Anyone else experiencing this too?

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                  Hey guys. I've been following this thread for about thirty pages now, and decided to weigh in. I too have been having the 'No SIM' issue on my S3; I've called VZW support, gotten a replacement device from my local (direct) store, and I've talked to support a second time. I only have the issue on the south side of campus--in fact, I know another user noticed that his daughter has the same issue here at UMass Amherst--and so I do wonder if it is a location- or load-based error.


                  But regardless, the second time I spoke to VZW support, they've asked me to start logging my failed calls/texts to find out what location might be causing the issue. I thought this sounded rather helpful considering the things that other users have had to deal with in this thread. To hedge my bets, however, I called Samsung support immediately afterward.


                  To my surprise, the first rep that I talked to seemed to know what he was doing, and in face said that he knew of several other people with both the SIM issue *and* the "Service Unavailable' issue when updating. And, further to my surprise, he suggested that I go to my local store and have them manually flash a new OTA update onto my phone, called "SU1," which is supposed to fix these errors.


                  I don't know if it's going to be of any use, and I suspect I'll be dealing with a completely wiped phone again, but if it fixes this issue I'll be more than happy. Anyways, I'm heading over soon, so I'll try to give an update on how that goes. Thanks for the help so far guys, reading your issues has directed me a bit and has helped me deal with customer support as well.



                  *UPDATE: I went to my local store, and the gentleman there told me that Verizon no longer uses the equipment (he called it a PST machine if I recall correctly) that the Samsung rep was referring to, and that they can't flash it manually. However, he did tell me that he has seen many people at the store with either of the problems, and that they weren't selling the S3 until the new OTA patch was released (though it was unclear whether he meant selling a certain batch or selling them at all). He also spoke with somebody in the back office and when he came out, he told me that, though my phone is displaying 'Service unavailable' when I try to update it, the update will be pushed to the device when it's ready regardless.


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                    Please keep us posted.

                    On Oct 11, 2012 3:50 PM, "seaknight121" <community@verizonwireless.com>

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                      So it's been about 2- 3 weeks and I've been solid. I have NO idea what happened but I haven't seen the NO SIM error. It wasn't the latest update, not sure if it's something I stopped/uninstalled.  Coincidentally I buddy of mine picked up a new S3 and he's in the same neighborhood and he hasn't had any problems.  This leads me to believe that MAYBE they made a change to the towers in the area I've had problems in?  Who knows.

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                        i replaced my phone once did sim swap everything i can think of and still have the issue. its costing me a arm and a leg trying to figure this out. i reached the point of dropping verizon all together and going to another carrier with less problems like this i spent alot of money on this phone and we all should not be experiencing this problem at all. especially for a flagship phone such as the s3. im personality thinking of going back to boost mobile to save myself money. all i know is im done replacing my phone and doing all these different things to get it to stop the no sim error. i dont like to spend alot of money on defective service or defective equipment. its a waste and alot of aggervation.

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                          I've been dealing with this for 4 weeks now, on my phone and my fiance's phone. Got a new SIM, even though the original had worked fine for over a year, then the update came out, got a replacement device, and still getting nowhere. Completely random, and location independent on both phones. We are beyond ****** at this point. I'm on my 3rd trouble ticket with Verizon and getting nowhere fast. I've got countless hours on the phone with tech support, even to the point now that I ask the first person that I get to talk to if they want me to go through it all or if they prefer just to read the lengthy set of notes on my account. I've asked to talk to managers or supervisors and just get a long speech about how I can't, then ask to be contacted by managers or supervisors and told that they will call me and they don't.

                          Either we have a collective total of 3 bad S III's or there is a bigger problem. Frankly I don't care what the problem is any longer, I'm just sick of never knowing if I'm missing any calls or texts, and never knowing if I'll be able to make a call or send a text when I need. God forbid I have another emergency and not be able to contact any because I'm in the middle of the city and my phone says No SIM.

                          I don't pay Verizon to not be able to use my phone!

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