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    Samsung Galaxy S3 No Sim error


      Hi currently own a Samsung Galaxy S3 for the past 2 days, and it works great in 4G areas and other 3G areas, however, the 3G area where I live will pop up with a No Sim error when originating a call or text from my phone. When a call is made it tries to dial then disconnects saying out of service and the 3G symbol are gone, 10-15 secs later they come back up. Texts try to send then fail same issue as before appears and the No Sim error pops up in the notification panel and 10-15 secs later the 3G and reception is back up. I normally have anywhere to 3-4 bars in my home location. This seems to only happen in my home location. I've owned 4 different 4G devices in the same locations and never had this issue till now. It is looking like a firmware issue with Samsung or tower not really sure. Have put the phone in safe mode, turned off LTE, turned off WIFI power saving, nothing works. Hope this issue is resolved soon. Tried 2 different phones and 3 different SIM cards. Not sure what the issue is.

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          I am having the same problem when calling from my work. Other nearby towns have no problem. I was on the phone with technical support for nearly 4 hours yesterday. I was sent back a nearby store for a possible sim card replacement or phone replacement; however, when I got there, a gentlemen I had spoken to earlier about this problem told me he had found via internal Verizon forums that this problem is being talked about all over the U.S. so it is likely not specific to our phones, but a software update might be required to resolve it once they figure it out.

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            One other point is that early this morning I could make several calls from my work without a hitch, but when I tried closer to noon, it fails every time. It almost seems to be effected by the amount of traffic hitting the tower in use.

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              After doing everything I mentioned above and still having the issues, tech support was unaware of this issue occurring but its very obvious after having 2 different phones and 3 different SIM cards, and only occurring in one area, It would need to be a firmware update for the Samsung Galaxy S3. Hopefully Samsung or Verizon get on the ball on getting this fixed because my 14 day period is coming up soon and I'm not going to deal with this for 2 years.

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                Most likely it's a bad SIM or bad contact to the SIM. It's a known issue and usually one of the steps in debugging GSM issues.  You an also try ejecting your SIM, wipe it down like you would for a camera lens and re-insert. If not, go to a VZ store and get a new SIM. It's very simple.

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                  I truly doubt it is a real SIM card issue. It seems to occur with cell towers that have a heavy volume. I was able to dial out early in the day before most people were at work and then at noon all attempts failed. I tried again after 6pm when most have returned home and again it worked fine. I never removed the battery or SIM card. After I saw it was working I went back to the few failed text messages and sent them again - just fine. I suspect some of those who reported the problem being resolved with a new SIM card may either have actually had a bad SIM card or they hit a slow traffic time and it will fail again under the right circumstances.

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                    The issue has seemed to corrected it self. I did take the gentlemen/s advice above and took cleaning solution and wiped it down with a q-tip cleaning down the card. Since then the phone has been working flawless. I don't know if the SIM card was dirty (although it was brand new) or if the SIM card reader if very sensitvie on where its placed. So far its working in the same area I was having issues. Its been about 10 hours working now hopefully it will maintain itself

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                      I'd like to know if it continues to work throughout the day. My phone is also working again in the morning when there is less traffic. I will check again every hour or so and see if it starts failing. Perhaps they fixed whatever problem was causing this by updating the cell tower software.

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                        Nope, it started doing it again about a hour ago, cannot make a call or text. I noticed last night the Mobile Network in Status was EVDO which reflects 3G service. However, the 3G service now with the issues I'm having is eHRPD: 13. I have no idea if this is impacting the situation but the error seems to happen when this network type comes on

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                          Same here. Around 10am EST I tried again (just dialing #832) and it fails now while at 9am it worked 4 times straight. I suspect just like yesterday it will start working again after 6pm.

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