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    My phone is hacked.


      My phone appears to have been hacked.  I have an HTC Incredible.  All of my data, email, texts, even pictures disappeared.  Then a week later, I had this picture show up as my background that is a guy breaking into a car.  I had my IT guy look at my phone, he says that all the security is on.  What should I do?

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          Are you sure it's been hacked? If you have a security program installed, such as Norton, and it is active, it may just be a glitch in the phone. You may have recently downloaded an apps which is acting the bad one.

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            Verizon Wireless Customer Support

            Hello Jesse_D, I can understand your concerns about the security of your phone. The problem with your phone is most likely a software issue. I'm not sure about the background picture. If your security is turned on, you're ok to continue using your device.


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