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    Droid 4 GPS doesn't work


      VZW technical support refuses to assist further without having a land line or going into a store.  Store near me has inconvenient hours, and is NOT a corporate store.  Getting to one is extremely inconvenient for where I live, and as stated before, reps absolutely REFUSE to further assist.


      I've been through 4 droid 4's.  3 of the previous had blown speakers, one had a terrible battery life along with a faulty backlit keyboard.  Now, I have a phone that has a GPS module that rarely connects, if ever, and has abysmal battery life.  Is there anyone else out there with nothing but problems on these phones?  The droid 4 has been nothing but a headache since day 1 of acquiring it.  Here's another annoyance they pretty much say you have to deal with: all the stuck/dead pixels that these terrible phones develop shortly after unboxing!!!