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    RAZR won't boot up


      Hey all just looking for some advice. my RAZR today went into a string of crashes where it would stay on for 2-3 minutes without any cell service and then shut down. I would restart it just to have the same thing happen. I let it sit for a bit and now it won't power on even when plugged into a wall outlet. I've tried the hard resets/factory reset and that didn't work and the only response that i get when plugged in is a DIM white status light that flickers and half as bright as if you were to plug the phone into a computer while undercharged. Any ideas/ suggestions?

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          When did this happen? Is there and contact with water? Did you download any apps before this happened? How did you do the hard/factory reset? Is it a Maxx?

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            Try a New Sim Card Either by Visiting the Store or Have it FedEx out to Ya.!  Make sure the Gold area of is Not Touched as it is Sensitive to Static Electricity & the Oils in our Fingers. K b33

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              The SAME exact thing happened to my husband's phone. Don't buy a new SIM card he tried using mine and it is still doing the same thing.

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                Same thing happened to me and it is a battery related issue. Just let it charge as the battery is completely drained.

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                  It was not anywhere near water, have not downloaded anything in several weeks and it is not a maxx, I did the reset by simultaneously hitting the power button and the down key at first to get a hard reboot then hit the power button and up/down key trying to get a factory reset. I know its not a charging thing and now the phone gets no response from charging, not even the light (i know about the undercharged problem). It is not a sim card issue either because if it was the phone would power up without the card in. The phone gives no response at all anymore.

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                    Take the Phone into your Local Corp. And have them Flash it they'll put it on a computer and flash the System while it's there have them, issue you a new Sim Card Make sure it's not Touched when it's being installed. If what they do does not resolve the issue and if you have insurance See if they'll get you a Replacement. Let us know if it get's fixed..

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                      Went to the local verizon store, I do have insurance so they are going to replace it. Thanks for the help guys

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                        Your Welcome Glad there Taking of the Issue. Let us know when you get the New one Going b33

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                          Hi.  I am having the same issue.  Please tell me, What are they going to replace it with?  A new phone or a re-furbished one?

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