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    how to cancel a line?


      recently my ex and i broke up and i am still on his plan.

      i would like to do an assumption of liability but don't know exactly what it calls for.

      does the bill need to be paid? or does what i owe move over to the new contract?

      is it difficult to do? cost any money to do it (besides the new plan)?

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          Hello angels33,

          I’m sorry to hear that you and your ex are no longer together! Breakups can be a difficult time. Since separating mobile numbers from an account can be part of the breakup process, we are here to help the transition go as smoothly as possible. In order to have an assumption of liability (AOL) completed, the account owner would have to contact us so we can note the account of the request. Once the account is noted with the permission to transfer the line in question then the assuming party will need to call our AOL dept to complete the process. The number to our AOL dept is 888-832-4540. Also, here are a few points to be mindful of for the assuming party.

          - The account must only be current at the time current account owner or account manager calls into authorize the AOL.
          - The assuming party's account balance must also be current if they are an existing customer.
          - A security deposit may be required.

          NOTE: The assuming account owner must subscribe to a current calling plan and a new customer agreement (verbal acceptance is permitted, including Retail): The customer agreement term is dependent upon the term remaining on the existing MDN's customer agreement:

          The information above addresses some of the common inquiries about the process. If you have any questions or concern prior to starting the AOL process then feel free to reply to this email.

          Thank you…

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